Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I Want It All

Right now, I want to be a geek. I really really want to work hard, I don't care if I don't go out at the weekend, I don't want to be behind. A-levels are really hard and all I can think of is that if I don't work and get the right grades, then that's it. It's all over. I really would do anything to be a vet but I know it won't just come to me. You know when you're so passionate about something, but it's so far away and everything uncertain? It's horrible.
Georgina x

Saturday, 25 September 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to see MGMT with my best friend on Thursday. I bought her the tickets for her birthday an we'd wanted to see them for ages so we were really excited! We got the train and queued for ages but got a really good place about 3 people back from the front :) I had a cold and felt a bit crap so that spoilt it a bit, but we still had a great time!
The gig was really good, the supporting band were the Dum Dum Girls who were ok, lacked personality but they had a few good songs. Mind you, what do I know? When we went to see Florence and the Machine, the XX were supporting and we thought they were crap but look at them now!But MGMT were so good! Most of their songs aren't that upbeat and dancy so we couldn't really get into it but some of their songs were really energetic and got the crowd going. They played some songs from their latest album 'Congratulations' and their old one 'Oracular Spectacular' but the best were probably Time to Pretend, Brian Eno, Electric Feel and of course Kids.So overall, I'd say it was a really good gig, but not amazing just because the songs weren't fast enough to really get into. They also left Congratulations until the very end (we had to leave 5mins early to catch the train) so we didn't get to see the whole song which was a shame, but never mind! Check out their album on Spotify or whatever, it's not that good at first but the songs are definitely growers!

Thanks for reading, Georgina x

P.S. None of these are my pictures as you probably realised (all from Google Images) Neither of us took a camera which was annoying!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm sorry for the bad blogging again, a week of school, homework, running, young farmers, my job and a new one...canoeing (!?) has meant I've had little time for blogging! I'm going to see MGMT tomorrow with my friend, I bought her the tickets for her birthday. Oh I'm excited! I might do a bit of a review afterwards, just to let you know what the new album's like etc. :) So yarrs, hope you're all ok and have something nice to look forward to this week :)

Much love, Georgina x

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Oh autumn, how I love you. I'm sitting here wearing a woolly jumper, a hoodie and a scarf and I'm so cosy, that's just one of the reasons I love this time of year. The cold bright mornings with dew on the grass and sun shining between orange leaves. Snuggling up in the dark evenings with hot chocolate and a blanket. Walking through parks or woods surrounded by colour, your feet crunching on the ground beneath you. Red noses peeking out between hats and scarves, the smell of warm food on a cold day and the ever-closer excitement of Christmas...

I keep getting little reminders of all these things. Like déjà vu in small doses...I'm just a romantic in a good mood listening to Bombay Bicycle Club and feeling happy :) Here's a load of pictures for you, they're big because I forgot to change the size on the uploader, but never mind :)

I hope you are all well and enjoying the cold weather as much as me! Thank you for reading :) Georgina x

P.S. I always go on spotify to find my blog titles and I was so happy to find Bombay Bicycle Club have a song called Autumn...a coincidence that makes my blog title see very unimaginative!

P.P.S. All photos from they make me proud to be ginger as all the girls seem to have red hair!

It's Working

I'm not going to rant in this post. I'm not going to explain why I want to rant and I don't want to talk about my week. For some reason I'm incredibly happy, so happy I actually feel like crying. So happy that I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad...But there's a huge grin on my face so I guess it's not the latter. There's no reason really, I suppose life's good, really good. I am so happy with where I am and I feel like my life is going forwards not stuck in a rut. The bad bits are there but they're small and insignificant compared to the good. I can see the future but I'm also loving now. It's all just going so well :)

Georgina x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Put The Book Back On The Shelf

I apologise for this week's poor blogging, I'm tired and busy and generally stressed. Sixth form really isn't that great, I have loads of work already and that's on top of being a busy person and having a job. I will update you at the weekend but for now, I hope you're all ok and please bear with me while I get this week over and done with :)
Georgina xx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Asleep on a Sunbeam

I had my first day of sixth form on Friday (we had one day then the weekend which seems really pointless!) It's pretty much the same as my secondary school but on a different site. So we have the same teachers and most of the same people (apart from the 50 new ones) so there wasn't much to be worried about but I was still nervous.

We don't have any uniform or dress code so outfits are another thing to stress over! I went to H&M on Thursday to get a few things, just so I felt like I had something new! I got a long grey cardigan, a stripey long vest top and this...
This stripey top was £7.99, the sleeves are tighter than they look so it's a bit more shapely! I wore it on my first day with grey skinny jeans and colourful sandals (with a necklace and my bag so it looked more interesting!) Sorry for the first face- very mardy.

I'm actually a bit nervous about going back tomorrow, my timetable's horrible- I'm doing physics, biology, chemistry and French so I have a week full of hard work which I'm not looking forward to! I just hope I enjoy it and stick to my plan to work hard :/

Thanks for reading :)

Georgina x

P.S. I had a haircut a few weeks ago and now have a side fringe- I rarely post pics of myself so you wouldn't have seen it yet :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Thank you very much Karolina from better than barszcz for this award. I really like blog awards as they show that people do actually read your posts and that they like what you rant on about! If I've given you the award please don't feel obliged to take part yourself, just know that I think your blog is really good and I enjoy reading it (I could say this about many but I can only choose 10!)
1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award...
Thank you Karolina, I always appreciate awards and it means a lot particularly from a fairly new follower!

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words...
Live, laugh, learn, rant, rave.

3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.

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I Found A Whistle

I have been very neglectful to you all in the past week so I thought I'd do a quick (although it will probably take me ages) catch-up post.

Friday- I worked at the cattery in the morning and got paid :D (I went there for three mornings on work experience and at the end she gave me 50 quid, which was unexpected but very welcome!) In the evening I got the train to London on my own and met my uncle and Euston station, he took me to their house then he and my aunt went out for a meal, leaving me to look after my three cousins :)

Saturday- All 6 of us travelled across London on the tube, by foot and by taxi eventually getting to London zoo :D We spent the day there then went out for a Chinese in the evening, to congratulate me on my GCSE results which was very nice!

- One of the kids had rugby so me, my aunt and the two girls went for a walk and picked lots of blackberries to make an apple and blackberry crumble. We came home and had a lazy day, playing on the Wii and baking! In the evening we all watched Terminator Salvation which was surprisingly good even though I haven't seen the first 3 films!

Monday- Two of the kids were back at school so my aunt, the youngest and I went for a coffee before dropping me off at the tube station. I got the 45min tube then the train home. In the evening I had work at the swimming pool which was a bit of a bore but never mind!

Tuesday- I had enrolment day at sixth form, it made me nervous but it was good to see everyone. In the evening me and some friends cycled to a nearby village to my friend's house as her parents were away. We just hung round and watched TV then Kill Bill (the boys' suggestion!) which was actually quite good! We all stayed over, watched Wild Child in the morning then cycled home :)

Wednesday- It was my best friend's birthday so I came home and had a shower before gong to her house to give her my present (MGMT tickets for me and her- can't wait!) I worked at the pool for a few hours then went back to her house to have a shower before going out for a meal with about 10 of us which was really nice.
Thursday- Today I was supposed to get up early to go shopping with my friend but I got phone call from her at 1 when I was still in asleep (oops!) saying she was outside my house and apologising because she was late! I got up and we went shopping for about an hour. I had work again and came home to sort everything out for sixth form which starts tomorrow! I'm really nervous, I still don't know what to wear and if I have the right stuff but oh well, I just hope I wake up in the morning!!

Thanks for reading :) Georgina xx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Friday, 3 September 2010


Quick post to say I'm off to the train station in about 5mins, to stay with family in London until Monday, have a good weekend :)

Georgina xx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Magic of a Kind Word

I really love letters, there is nothing better than finding a hand-written envelope addressed to you, amongst all the junk mail and bank statements. It's even better when it's not your birthday and you don't know who it's from :) I got a few cards congratulating me on my results, admitedly one was from my mum who's handwriting I'd recognise a mile off!
Another was from one of my mum's friends from uni who we see once a year, she's so lovely and I thought it was really sweet that she sent me a card. The other was from one of my mum's work friends who I've met once or twice in my life!

I thought it was so lovely that they'd both bothered to congratulate me when they really didn't have to. It makes me think I sould send more letters and little notes as they really are nice to recieve :)

I hope you're having a nice day :) Georgina x