Thursday, 9 September 2010

I Found A Whistle

I have been very neglectful to you all in the past week so I thought I'd do a quick (although it will probably take me ages) catch-up post.

Friday- I worked at the cattery in the morning and got paid :D (I went there for three mornings on work experience and at the end she gave me 50 quid, which was unexpected but very welcome!) In the evening I got the train to London on my own and met my uncle and Euston station, he took me to their house then he and my aunt went out for a meal, leaving me to look after my three cousins :)

Saturday- All 6 of us travelled across London on the tube, by foot and by taxi eventually getting to London zoo :D We spent the day there then went out for a Chinese in the evening, to congratulate me on my GCSE results which was very nice!

- One of the kids had rugby so me, my aunt and the two girls went for a walk and picked lots of blackberries to make an apple and blackberry crumble. We came home and had a lazy day, playing on the Wii and baking! In the evening we all watched Terminator Salvation which was surprisingly good even though I haven't seen the first 3 films!

Monday- Two of the kids were back at school so my aunt, the youngest and I went for a coffee before dropping me off at the tube station. I got the 45min tube then the train home. In the evening I had work at the swimming pool which was a bit of a bore but never mind!

Tuesday- I had enrolment day at sixth form, it made me nervous but it was good to see everyone. In the evening me and some friends cycled to a nearby village to my friend's house as her parents were away. We just hung round and watched TV then Kill Bill (the boys' suggestion!) which was actually quite good! We all stayed over, watched Wild Child in the morning then cycled home :)

Wednesday- It was my best friend's birthday so I came home and had a shower before gong to her house to give her my present (MGMT tickets for me and her- can't wait!) I worked at the pool for a few hours then went back to her house to have a shower before going out for a meal with about 10 of us which was really nice.
Thursday- Today I was supposed to get up early to go shopping with my friend but I got phone call from her at 1 when I was still in asleep (oops!) saying she was outside my house and apologising because she was late! I got up and we went shopping for about an hour. I had work again and came home to sort everything out for sixth form which starts tomorrow! I'm really nervous, I still don't know what to wear and if I have the right stuff but oh well, I just hope I wake up in the morning!!

Thanks for reading :) Georgina xx


  1. Sounds like a amazing week :)

  2. sounds like a great week :)
    lovely, lovely.
    enjoy the rest/end of summer while you can.

  3. Sounds like a great week! You did a lot of different things. I love blackberries. We always pick some for blackberry dumplings, homemade blackberry jelly, and blackberry pie! So yummy!

  4. Sounds wonderful. I think I need to visit the zoo again!

  5. Wow nice but long update! I actuallyyy read it all, ha! omg I want a job =[ And good luck with sixth form! ♥

  6. Thanks for all the comments! 'Sunny & Star'- blackberry dumplings sound nice, I'll have to try making them :)

    Thank you Nat Elizabeth, well done for reading the whole thing!

    Gina xx