Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Magic of a Kind Word

I really love letters, there is nothing better than finding a hand-written envelope addressed to you, amongst all the junk mail and bank statements. It's even better when it's not your birthday and you don't know who it's from :) I got a few cards congratulating me on my results, admitedly one was from my mum who's handwriting I'd recognise a mile off!
Another was from one of my mum's friends from uni who we see once a year, she's so lovely and I thought it was really sweet that she sent me a card. The other was from one of my mum's work friends who I've met once or twice in my life!

I thought it was so lovely that they'd both bothered to congratulate me when they really didn't have to. It makes me think I sould send more letters and little notes as they really are nice to recieve :)

I hope you're having a nice day :) Georgina x


  1. thought id drop by and say Hi, Loving ur blog so now following u hope ye dnt mind xx

  2. Thank you for following :) I have returned the favour! I hope you enjoy reading dufflecoats andmittens :) x