Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Monday, 29 March 2010

Geeks and Jocks

Ahhh Easter at last, I can finally relax, lie-in and not stress about school etc. Yes I will be revising but that will have to fit around my schedule of laziness :)

Anyway let me tell you about Friday's awesome party. A girl in my year lives in the middle of nowhere, has no neighbours, a massive garden and a laid-back mum... So on friday, kind of to celebrate the end of term she had a 'Geeks and Jocks' party, about 130 people were invited, mostly from my year. The theme was basically an excuse for all the girls to dress like slags...I failed at this and was told "Georgina you look like a librarian, here are some hotpants they'll make you look like more of a slag." Haha, this isn't very me but I just thought, what the hell, no one will remember anything anyway (apart from the fact that there are about 6 albums on facebook all from this one party!)
Anyway, we went to my friend's house to get ready and had to set up the tent when we got to the party- this was so we could get drunk and our parents wouldn't have a clue :) Haha this wasn't easy seeing as it was already dark and no one was helping, grrr.

It was an awesome party, I spent most of the night taking to people, danced a bit and I dunno hung round I spose...haha I make it sound so crap! I kind of got off with a guy in my year that I've never spoken to before but y'know...he seemed nice! I think quite a lot went on...a bit of crying and throwing up from other people, but also fun, dancing and talking to a load of random people! In the end I slept in a tent with 2 of my friends taking up all the space and me left squished next to 2 other people getting off all night which was far from pleasant :/

In the morning we all felt like crap and had to walk about a mile home which was horrible as we had to carry all our stuff- tents, bags, sleeping bags etc. Now we can sit at home and hear all the gossip and rumours that always come hand in hand with an eventful night :) I would put some photos on but most have other people in and I don't want to put them up without permission, sorry!

Thanks for reading, Georgina x

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Some actual people

Oh my fucking god I actually hate you. You forgot to pick me up from school, so i was standing in the rain waiting for you for 25 minutes. I try to make a bloody effort but I'm being 'rude' just because you feel bad so take it out on me. By the way i did have my jab today, i was really nervous, it was horrible and my arm does ache. My day was shit if you wanted to know. No I don't owe you a fucking apology, I shouted at you because you were rude to me. What do you actually expect? You were the one who pissed me off in the first place. And tomorrow I am spending my whole day at school even though everyone else gets the day off, just because my A* was one mark below my target. I wasn't going to go but you 'suggested' i did. So don't be a spiteful bitch and not 'do me any favours' I have looked forward to this party for weeks and your not going to fuck it all up. I actually hate you, you are turning into a miserable old woman who doesn't think about anything. Just fuck off to bed, nice and early so I don't have to speak to you.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Let's get wasted, it's all we ever do

Sorry for not posting very often, I'm a busy bee and have SO much art to do plus I have a party to be excited about!! Anyway I thought I would give you a quick post on my five favourite songs as of now :)

Ever so shy- General Fiasco

Wouldn't it be nice- The Beach Boys

Ice Sorm, Big Gust and You- Tilly and the Wall

For the Price of a Cup of Tea- Belle and Sebastian

Horchata- Vampire Weekend
If you haven't already heard any of these songs, please please please find them- spotify, youtube, itunes, whatever just listen to them, if nothing else they should make you smile :)

(Photos all from the lovely Google Images)

Thanks for reading, Georgina xx

Saturday, 20 March 2010


At the crack of 8 o'clock tomorrow, when the world should be in bed, I will be at at school, in my freaking trackie bottoms and my clumpy walking boots, getting on a minibus to freaking shropshire to learn how to read a bloody map and put up a bloody tent. At 8 in the morning, jeez.

Duke of fricking Edinburgh.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Momma, I wanna be a farmer

I am actually having the time of my life lambing on the farm! It's so relaxed and everyone's so friendly that I feel really at home there. This morning I delivered my first lambs :D When I got there the sheep had already given birth to one lamb but was due another two, so they let me pull them out- I know a lot of people will find this disgusting but I thought it was so cool bringing a little life into the world!
As I said before, the farmer is so laid back that I can pretty much try anything there is to do. I learnt how to drive the quadbike on monday and now I'm allowed to go into the fields on my own to load up the sheep and bring them in for lambing, I also had a go at driving a JCB forklift truck which was scary! Today I tube-fed some lambs, docked their tails and got to give a sheep an injection- all things I thought I would never be allowed to do because of 'health and safety'.

It's turning out to be such a good week and an amazing experience- I've learnt so much about the sheep and I love being at the farm- I am not looking forward to school next week though.

I hope you're all good, Georgina xx

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Ba ba black sheep

I'm so excited... tomorrow I'm starting my week's work experience, lambing on a farm :D I'm taking time off school to do it which means I have tonnes of work to catch up on but it's so worth it! 200 sheep and they're all pregnant and due this week. It'll be hard work but such an amazing experience :D

Saturday, 13 March 2010


I hate maths.
I like frozen chips.
I'm always up too late.
I get jealous far too easily.
I strongly believe in evolution.
My favourite meal is left-overs.
I'm supposed to do all the washing.
My handwriting changes all the time.
I see letters, days and numbers in colours.
I borrow my best friend's iPod every tuesday.
I often feel like crying even though I'm happy.
I wear a bit of make-up even if I'm not going out.
As a child I used to give up my duvet for my teddies.
I hate it that we can't tell the future even just a little bit.
When I'm on my own I show off as if someone's watching me.
I can still recognise the smell of my reception teacher's perfume.
My dreams are always in normal situations but surreal things happen.
Every night I go to bed warm but as soon as the light goes off I'm freezing.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A helping hand?

I'm a bit stressed. I am currently doing my AS level art exam, the title is "Rhythms and Cycles" and at first I felt completly uninspired, I did my ideas page and still just had a huge mental block, not helped by my crazy art teacher who tends to go on and on and just make me stressed and confused.

So anyway, I've finally come up with a hazy idea which I either love or hate- I can't tell. Basically I'm going to focus on the rhythms of life- emotions, thoughts and general outlook. I've been told to keep a diary for a week and write down every idea and emotion I have alongside photos/tickets etc. The focus of my project will be about now- how I see things and the things I feel, as well as my day-to-day life. I want to link these to my past to see how things change and how I've changed as a person.
This is where you lovely followers and fellow bloggers come in :) I thought of using symbolism in my final piece, three objects to represent my past, present and future. But I would also like other people's input to show different views. If you could tell me which objects best represent your past, present and future, it would be fantastic and would really help me with my project. They can be any objects, even animals, foods or plants. I won't use any of your personal details just the info you give me.

For example my mum said...
Past- wheelbarrow (she has worked hard but needed support)
Present- folder (she feels overloaded with work and general stress)
Future- she hopes would be roses (sweet and beautiful?)

Sorry if I've explained this really badly, it's difficult to tell you all the ideas without making the post too long. If you could help me it would be great, feel free to ask questions if it's confusing. Thank you :)


Monday, 8 March 2010

Hunger Strikes

Today I did a 12 hour fast for our school's 'Africa Week'. We were told about it last tuesday so I went and got a sponsor form without thinking it through, I quickly had a lot of sponsors so didn't really have a choice!

So I got up at 7 this morning and had a big breakfast (I know this is kind of cheating but I think I would be ill if I hadn't eaten for about 20hours!) I ate my porridge and toast and then went to school. It wasn't too bad, I realised that I wasn't actually that hungry it was more that I wanted to eat for the sake of it. Kind of like when you're bored so you eat, I just needed something other than boring water! (I was only allowed water no juice or anything.)
At about 6 o'clock I really did start to get hungry, it was so hard being at home with food in the cupboards not being able to just help myself. Well I made it the whole 12 hours, and at 7.30 on the dot, ate my lasange and had my much-craved cup of tea :) I'm glad I bothered to do it, there were only about 3 of us in my year and it was for a good cause. Now the next challenge is to get all the money off people!

Georgina xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Nostalgia- a bittersweet longing

Earlier I was just looking out of the window thinking how nice the garden looked; winter's just about gone and even though it's still chilly, spring is right around the corner. I was thinking about all the amazing times we used to have when me and my brother were little, out in the garden playing. We used to just play in the garden for what seemed like ages. We'd always be out there, making dens, cooking mud pies, playing with the guinea pigs, climbing into the neighbour's garden, just having fun really. My mum would usually be there gardening or reading a book. I just remember it so well, we were just so happy to find things to do, however boring and pointless they were. And it would only come to an end when our mum called us in for tea or it started to get dark. We'd spend the whole summer holidays going on cycle rides and playing with the hose, having water fights and playing hide and seek with our friends.
I know I make it sound all lovely and perfect, like a scene from a child's fairytale or something. I know we didn't always have fun, there were boring times too, we used to argue, fight and cry. But mostly I remember those lovely times of just sitting on the swing listening to the birds (and talking back because I was convinced they were saying my name...) I miss the feeling of the future being the next 10mins, beyond that was all blurry and not to be thought about, just a dream that would never actually come true. Back then there was only 'now'.

So just looking out the window today made me really nostalgic, sitting there with my pile of homework, getting stressed about how much I have to do, and I just remembered that feeling of freedom, when the most disappointing time of day was when you had to come out of the den you'd just made, take off your twig hat and go inside.

Thanks for reading xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Thank you Lucy (Thank you for your smile) for tagging me in her post :) I have to name my two favourite films so....

1. The Holiday- amazing. I love this film and have seen it a billion times, if you haven't seen it, please do

2. (500) Days of Summer- Such a lovely story and I like the arty style, plus the sountrack is sooo good

It was very hard to choose just two, I like all the typical girly chick flick films and there are so many to choose from! So now I have to tag 5 people...
Winter Dreaming
The Purple Fairy
Namby Pamby Dribble
Behind the Glass
A Heart-Headed Girl

Georgina x


It's actually Tilly but she needed a 'stop being naughty name' as well :) It's our new cat I'm talking about by the way, she's beautiful, demands constant attention but she's cute and really playful. My parents went away at the weekend (again!) and got her on the way back on Sunday and she's settled in already. As promised here are some photos:

We did call her Bella at the start but we decided it didn't really suit her so Tilly it is...or Mrs T :)
The photos are taken on my bed where she shouldn't really be but she's a bit spoilt :) She's so cute she'd get away with anything in our house!

Thanks for reading :)

Georgina x