Thursday, 16 September 2010

Put The Book Back On The Shelf

I apologise for this week's poor blogging, I'm tired and busy and generally stressed. Sixth form really isn't that great, I have loads of work already and that's on top of being a busy person and having a job. I will update you at the weekend but for now, I hope you're all ok and please bear with me while I get this week over and done with :)
Georgina xx


  1. I hope you get through everything soon!


  2. Hope it all works out and you can relax and chill out at the weekend :)

  3. the fact that this post is named after a belle & sebastian song makes me far too excited.

  4. Oh but I love sixthform! In my last year :)
    Don't worry, a cup of tea is your remedy!

  5. Thank you all :) Charlotte- you'll find most of my posts are! Their songs are very good for titles :P Nat Elizabeth- tea is always the answer! Thank you :) x