Monday, 26 April 2010

Union Jack

My art exam is all about ceremonies and whilst doing all my research I found this gorgeous picture.
I am actually in love with the Union Jack, I just love the colours and think it's so much more interesting that the boring England flag. I really want to make some of these things too, especially the bunting. I have a really long summer this year so hopefully I can spend some time making stuff :)

Now I feel realy inspired so here are some more lovely Union Jack pictures:

I love this last one, my favourite poster is the "Keep calm and carry on" one and this just makes it even better :D All these flags make me want to paint one on my bedroom wall...hmm I wonder if I'd be allowed... ahh probably not but I can dream :)

Thanks for reading, Georgina xx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

A brain on overload and a misunderstood smile

I am so split. In two minds. Almost like two channels of my brain. On channel one I'm happy. I have the biggest smile, a big cheesy grin, for no reason, just because life is good and I have music and friends and sun. I feel like dancing around, singing in the shower, having one-way conversations with my cat. That's my favourite channel. The one I am trying to stay on.

Channel two. Negative. I am so stressed out. I have much to think about, if I do I just burst into tears. I can't even stop and leave it a few days. Even when I cry I have to work or get something ready, just because I know I don't have any time to waste. I just sit there with tears streaming down my face, finishing off my maths homework or revising science. I'm tired and moody. I have two language speaking exams next week and I have learnt nothing. I have two art exams to prepare for and no inspiration. Every evening I am doing something after school. I just need to STOP. Switch off. Relax. My brain is dead, I'm on autopilot. I hate it.

Today I even ignored someone. I never do that. I wasn't event thinking about anything. I was just asleep, trying to get a break from this stupid thing. I can't explain it. Nervous breakdown time.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another Sunny Day

Oh dear, my bad-blogger-syndrome is back. Instead of making another post full of apologies and excuses I will try and make an interesting one :) Well to be honest, I haven't had the most exciting of weeks, here's how it went (with a load of pretty pictures to make it look nice!):

Monday- the first day back after the holidays always seems to be the funniest, I suppose it's because I hadn't seen my friends that much over easter. I did get a bit stressed though with so much art to do, most of this was taken out on my mum :/ The old people's home was boring as per and I didn't go to young farmers, I was too busy stressing!

Tuesday- In the morning I had my sixth form interview which was utterly pointless and should not be awarded that title. Later on- even though I'm allowed to miss double PE every week for art, I couldn't be bothered to clear the stuff from my lonely corner in the art room, and it was so sunny outside! So I played badminton and golf- basically sat on the field talking to my friends, good old Mr PE man even stuck up for us when the evil PE lady told us off.

Wednesday- I finally took in my life drawing to show my art teacher, I got some nice comments as well as a lot of funny looks from people looking at the fat naked people all over my desk

Thursday- my parents went away, meaning there was no one to wake me up...even thought I set 4 alarms I woke up at 11 o'clock and practically ran to school, haha I made it just in time for maths :P I also had to lie and say I'd been at the orthodontist, they'll never know ;)

Friday- another sunny day, finished off with double french, it sounds evil but it can be pretty fun!
Saturday- did lots of art (again!) then went to the park for a BBQ which was good, it was a very random bunch of folk but good times all the same!

So yes, a pretty average week in the life of me :) I'm so glad the sun's back out, I do love the winter but nothing can beat a few rays, it's got us all planning for the summer- 12 weeks of nothingness and time, sounds like heaven :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you're all well and enjoying the lovely weather (if you've been lucky like us!)

Georgina xx

Friday, 9 April 2010

Ahh les devoirs français

J'ai fatigué mais je dois travailler pour mes examens, je voudrais lire mon livre mais ce n'est pas possible parce que le français est plus important. Mais je suis aussi excité car en été j'irai au T4 sur la plage et à Venise avec ma maman. Je suis désolé pour le mauvais français!

Georgina x

Do the D.A.N.C.E

Thank you Mollie and Maly from 7things for tagging me in their post. The rules are: List 10 artists in no particular order, and then answer the following questions. I don't know if it's bands as well or just solo artists but oh well :)

1. The Maccabees
2. Lily Allen
4. Kings of
5. Jamie T
6. Jason Mraz
7. Matt White
8. General Fiasco
9. Belle & Sebastian
10. Florence + the Machine

Now here are the questions:

1) What was the first song you heard by 6? I'm Yours, of course :)
2) What is your favourite song of 8? I love Ever so Shy but Rebels Get by is pretty awesome.
3) What kind of impact has 1 left on your life? They were my introduction to indie music so left me more open-minded I suppose
4) What is your favourite lyric of 5? "So this is a short story bowt the girl Georgina" ;) "I hope I haven't missed the last train or I'll be stuck in Hampton Wick with the boys across the platform shouting lightweight prick, I'm a featherweight champion cheap to get pissed."
5) How many times have you seen 4 live? Never :'(
6)What is your favourite song of 7? Best Days
7) Is there any song of 3 that makes you sad? Not really, if any it would be Pieces of What
8) What is your favourite song by 9? Another Sunny Day, For the Price of a Cup of Tea
9) How did you first get into 2? I used to hate her because she wore dresses and trainers! But I think she's got so much better and my mum is obsessed with her lyrics!
10) How did you first get into 3? My friend lent me their CD and I listened to them non-stop for weeks
11) What is your favourite song by 4? Use Somebody and Ragoo
12) How many times have you seen 9 live? Never- that would be amazing
13) What is a good memory concerning 10? I went to see her live- my first gig and it was one of the best nights ever, she was AMAZING, I was buzzing for days afterwards
14) Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad? Nope, they're pretty upbeat
15) What is your favourite song of 1? Toothpaste Kisses
16) How did you become a fan of 10? One of my friends told me about her so we bought concert tickets before she was really famous and I'm now obsessed

So now I have to tag some people: I think the purple fairy, thoughts from another kook and like dreamers do are amazing blogs so deserve this award :)

Thanks for reading (it's pretty long!)

Georgina x


Oh I'm sorry, I'm a terrible blogger :/ I have not posted for ages which really isn't acceptable! Revision is just so uninspiring that I haven't felt very creative plus I don't have much time in my busy schedule of sleep and work-avoiding...

So this is a sort of 'courtesy post' just to say hey, I'm still here, still blogging, still grateful for lovely followers, your comments and awards not to mention all your amazing blogs! Maybe when I'm feeling more inspired and energetic I'll think of a half decent post, not just some stupid ramblings :P

Just a quick update- I had an amazing day today, I think summer has finally arrived. I got a break from work, took photos, went shopping and saw my best friends, one of whom uploaded all her music onto my iPod...1209 amazing songs :D What more could a girl ask for?

I thought I'd leave you with a nice picture I found ( just to make this post look more interesting :P
I hope you all had a good easter! Thanks for reading,

Georgina x

Friday, 2 April 2010

Hey Soul Sister

This is an amazing song.

And a pretty cool video.

Train- Hey Soul Sister

Recommended by my best friend, she's got awesome music taste.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

Ahh I do love the holidays...although these ones are proving pretty stressful, I made myself a lovely revision timetable which I have not followed at all, so I have a huge back log of work to do. I'm trying to do everything I said I would but it's left me with about 9hours of stuff to do that's gonna happen!

I was supposed to get up today but slept in til 2, damn! I then went to my friend's house for her art photoshoot so did no work...again. It just makes me feel guilty :(

So what have I been doing with all my time? I don't have a clue! Facebook does take over a bit and I've done a bit of art and lots of sleeping I suppose. I love this picture below ( and I kinda copied it to put in my art diary...mine is nowhere near as cool but ahh well :)

So yer, I'm off to go and waste some more time :D Hope you're all good, thanks for reading.

Georgina xx