Monday, 24 May 2010

"Can't you revise next week?"

Parents. Enough said? Well clearly not because I'm about to rant on about them for a whole post...

Usually when something happens, like an argument, I look at the situation and I think 'actually, yeah that was kind of my fault, or I could have done something to prevent it', but not recently. Recently I really do think it's them.

Since my brother went to uni I don't feel like we're a proper family anymore. It's just 'them' and 'me'. It's like they've grown out of having kids and having to look after anyone. They do all the things that old couples, whose children have left home, do like go on days out and weekends away walking and that...but I haven't left home. I'm still here. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I want to be the third wheel on their boring outings but, I feel exactly that...I feel like a third wheel.

They disappear for a few hours, without telling me, locking me outside because they 'forgot I was there' and they expect me to get on with whatever I'm doing, no help, no guidance. But when I go out and mess them around all hell breaks loose. I think they've given up on parenting, they can't be arsed anymore. They're too wrapped up in their retirement-style lives that I come far down on their priorities. Yes they do look after me in the practical sense- they cook, clean, and taxi for me but I don't think I have ever felt more distant from them before. But they seem to think I'm as close as ever.

Rant, over and out.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I cannot wait until the summer! Today was the nicest day we've had for ages, it made me really excited about everything! And now more things are being planned there's even more to look forward to- I'm going to Venice and Bath with my mum and T4 on the beach with my friends and hopefully they'll be loads of 'at the park, sitting in the sun with a BBQ' days- they're the best :D

It's just going to be so nice to just relax, without any stupid exams to worry about, I should probably wait until they're over until I start thinking about the summer but oh well, I can dream :)

One of the reasons I'm so excited is because I'm listening to songs like this (The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun) I love it! Listen and enjoy :)

Thanks for reading, Georgina xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A trail for the devil to erase

I had my first exam today...scary! It was RE which we all have to do so it's only half a GCSE but still. I think I did ok but I quoted the Qur'an on a Judaism question :/ Oh well it's over now, I never had to do RE again :D

On my last post I said how many photos there were from the last week of school and they're still coming! I wanted to show you this one below, it made me laugh, it's me and my friend by the exit thing at school :P Haha I have no idea why...

And listen to this song: Piazza, New York catcher- Belle and Sebastian, it's lovely :)

I hope you're all ok and good luck to everyone who has exams!

Georgina xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The End of an Era

As I said in my my last post, Friday was my last day of school- we're now on study leave for GCSEs. Even though we'll be going back for exams and a few revision sessions it was really sad! Our leavers assembly was amazing-our head of year had rung people's parents and got their baby photos and the class photos from primary school- embarrassing but hilarious! And afterwards everyone realised how much fun we actually have at school, I'm gonna miss it, I am going to sixth form but it's on a different site so won't be quite the same.

In the last week everyone had cameras it was crazy- there are about 50 albums on facebook, I'm tagged in 83 pictures so far, pretty impressive! Here are a few, I know I shouldn't put photos of people up without their permission but they're all my friends and they were on fb anyway!
You can probably work out which one I am (above-left, below-right)
On the last day we all wore white shirts so we could get them signed...
On Friday we had a a half day so our whole year went to the park which was cool but weird- we never all hang around together so some of the groups merged but it was a bit awkward. It was good to mix with different people though. So yer...that's it, end of school. I suppose I have to really start working now, I've done quite a bit but some people started revising ages ago which is a bit worrying :/

Thank you so much for following, it means a lot :D

Georgina xxx

Friday, 14 May 2010

Last Day

It was my last day of school today, sad times :(

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Short but Sweet

Next week is my last week of school, it's so strange, it's gone so quickly. It's sounds so cliché but I do remember year 7, being all innocent and lost amongst the big people. I'm a really sentimental person so whilst everyone's saying "I can't wait to get out of this place" I'm like "Think of all the memories, it's the end of an era." But it's true, there have been so many 'times'- good and bad but brilliant all the same.
It makes me think of my last day of primary scool when my brother said to me "Honestly, just make the most of it." and I sat there with my friends on the last lunchtime and decided to kind of take a freeze frame of that moment...I dunno, like appreciate that last bit of school. So my last goodbye memory of primary school is a brick wall in a dingy, grey playground. That's just what I happened to look at. It sounds sad, not something you'd want to remember, but I like it, it was a really grey day but just that picture I have in my mind brings back so many memories.

Hmmm, I hope that made sense, I confuse myself so I wouldn't be surprised if I confuse you! Thanks for reading anyway!

Georgina x

Friday, 7 May 2010


I've had a busy week, a stressful week, a week of ups and downs and highs and lows. I was supposed to finish my art this evening, and now I'm supposed to be doing science, but I haven't and I'm not. I was only going to have a bit of my giant lollipop but I ate half of it and now my tongue is purple and my fingers sticky. My room was going to be tidy and it was going to be an early night but now it's 12.01 and I know it's the weekend and I know it's not friday any more but I am happy and life is good so I am going to be grateful for that. I just thought I would share that with you. Simple, that's how I feel today :)

I hope your Friday has treated you as well as mine has and that you have a good weekend, thanks for reading guys :)

Georgina xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pain au locachat?

I haven't posted for ages and one of my excuses is that I had my Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition at the weekend. On Friday we left school at 4.30 to drive to Derby, we camped overnight then on Saturday walked about 21k to a little village, stayed overnight then walked another 20k on Sunday to Bakewell.
I'm not going to lie I found the walking really hard, it was so hilly and such a long way but as a group we had a great time. I wasn't going to put any group pictures up but you can't really see faces! I'm the one sitting on the floor in black (I recently realised that I never put photos of myself up so you don't really know what I look like!) It was a group of people I don't spend much time with and some people I don't really know so it was good to get to know them better :)
When I look back on the weekend I did enjoy it, but at the time it was pretty horrible! The second day was cold and wet and really tiring but we still had fun! Playing I-spy with things like 'atom' and 'reality' filled some time, as well as singing in the fields- at one point we all started singing 'Barbara-Ann' which was rather amusing! There were loads of random jokes like "Assume the foetal position!" (we all crouch on the floor) Haha when you've walked that far you start to go a bit mental :P

Well I hope you forgive me for not posting in a while, I will try and improve, thanks for reading,

Georgina x