Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hopes and Ambitions

As some of you may know, and many of you may not, my main goal in life/career plan/wish is to become a vet. Unfortunately this is very really really difficult, almost impossible. Just a little figure for you, Bristol University has 10 applicants for every one vet place. So 100 people get a place out of 1000 applicants- (that took so long to find on google!) So yeah it's crazy competitive.

Anyway more to the point, if you want to stand a chance of getting in you have to have loads of work experience so that's what I'm up to this week, working in a vets :) It's pretty interesting but does get boring as there's a lot of waiting around. I've seen some really good operations and all the staff are lovely, it's just the awkward standing around for over an hour, with nothing to do, that gets a bit tedious!

So I apologise for not posting so much this week, believe it or not, doing nothing is very tiring! Just being on my feet all day wears me out plus I'm starting to get more stressed about finding farm placements for next year. So far I've done 3 weeks in vet practices (including this week) and a week lambing on a farm so I'm not too behind but it's still stressful!

I hope you're all Ok and enjoying the summer, I'd better go and get some rest ready for my early start tomorrow, ahh working life :P

Thanks for reading,

Georgina x

Sunday, 25 July 2010

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Thank you Anna and Amber for the awards on your blogs :) I thought I'd combine the two...

Amber's award was called 'Favourite things', the rules if you receive the award are:

-thank the person who gave it to you
-list at least 5 of your favourite things and take a picture of them
-pass it on to 7 followers
-let the people know that you've given them the award by commenting on their blog

So these are my favourite things at the moment, not very interesting I must admit :P
-Tea, of course
-Lollipops :P
-My school leavers hoodie
-Making plans, not really a thing but that's why the calendar's there
-The folder my mum made me get because I lose everything, I actually feel organised for once!
-Writing letters
-My iPod, gotta love a bit of music :)
-The skins 'novel'- weird but brilliant
-Primark shoes, nice and cheap :)
-Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara (waterproof- great as I work in a swimming pool!)

So now for the awards...

JC- Blackbird in a Cuckoo's Nest
Lily- [non-sens]

Nat Elizabeth
Rena- The Moonchild
Becca- White rabbit white rabbit
Bea- she lives in the clouds and talks to the birds
TYWO- The purple fairy

Thursday, 22 July 2010

I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag Baby

I was listening to the radio earlier and 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus came on. For some reason it made me remember what I used to think a teenager was like- what I thought I'd be like when I was that age. I suppose my only ideas came from TV and babysitters seeing as we never had any family friends with older kids. So yer, here's what I used to think...(Just thought I'd add, I hate the word 'teenager' it just pisses me off...I'll try to avoid its use, although that may be tricky in this post!)

I used to think teenagers (there you go, 1st sentence!) were really cool- going out with their friends all the time, being all independent and rebellious :P The one on the right seems the most accurate- baggy clothes, a ponytail (or braided hair), faded jeans and a pair of these beauties...

This mainly came from my babysitters who'd come to our house, always with a load of homework to do, giving us the impression secondary school is all about 'essays' and you spend every evening writing pages and pages! Haha, we dreaded that! And they'd always be moody and a bit gothic/punky so we thought they were cool and rebellious, I wish I could see them now, I bet they were right geeks!

And they always talked about their boyfriends who I imagined would be as below...a geeky guy who they'd go out with at the weekend and I dunno rollerskate or something! I also used to think that they all smoked behind the bike shed at school...Paha I do love my stereotypical childhood views!

Haha so yeah, that's about it. Very random I know but as I said, that song reminded me of it. I sound like an old lady talking about when she was little! Ahh good times, I wish I was still a kid :P

Georgina xx

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Planning Spontaneity Without the Planning

Ok I'm gonna tell you about my evening. Some it will make you think I'm a complete moron/drunk/freak/crazy person/bitch but I'm not. Well I don't think I am...most of the time, anyway, read and judge (but not too harshly cos I do want you to like me)

A friend of a friend is in a band and was playing at a little gig, in a club, a bus ride away. He said he'd get us cheap tickets and we thought it would be a good laugh so we decided to go. 7 of us went to my friend's house first and were drinking (we all have a better time and are more relaxed when we drink, however sad that sounds) So we go the bus there, payed to get in the club and realised that there were only about 15 other people there, all just sat round watching the band.
(this isn't my photo, is where I get most pictures from)

I know this is really rude but we couldn't sit there for much longer, so after about half an hour (when the band we came to see had finished) we decided to leave and hang out with the guys from the band. We went to the park and hung round for a bit, and met some other guys who were a bit annoying but whatever.

So after hanging around for ages 2 of the girls had gone home so there were 5 of us left. 2 others decided to go but missed the bus so the 5 of us were trying to sort out how we'd get home, ringing taxi companies and checking bus times etc. So we were standing there getting stressed when the annoying guys from the park pulled over by us, in their car.

They offered us a lift just as taxi pulled up so we had to make a quick decision. It was so manic...I just saw 2 of my friends getting in the taxi (shouting at the three of us not to get in the car) and thought if i went over they'd drive away before i got there and I'd be stranded so I just got in the car. Stupid I know. The one thing your mum teaches you- not to get in stranger's cars...but there we were, three girls with three guys (who'd been drinking) driving around hoping they would actually take us home :/

(It wasn't like the above...but y'know, nice picture)

They did get us home safely, thank god. We went to the park first, i dunno why, it wasn't my idea but we just sat there for about 20mins chatting, they were nice guys :) So yer they took us home, my brother was angry that we got a lift from strangers but whatever, we were too drunk to make a rational decision. We're safe and that's all that matters. (<--cheeesy)

So you'll think I'm mad when I say this but we're gonna meet up with the guys tomorrow. Is that weird? I don't think so, they were nice and we wont go in their car again cos that was a stupid thing to do, so what's the problem? Some of my friends think it's 'irresponsible' I dunno, what do you think? Ergh it's so complicated trying to please everyone but still have fun and do what I want to do!

So yes, I know I hyped this up to be an amazing story and it was bit shit but y'know, I'm a boring person, I don't take risks normally. Someone said 'well you can learn from the mistake' and I thought, was it a mistake? If nothing bad happens is it still a mistake or just a stupid thing? I dunno, I over think.

Thanks for reading- it was a bit of a shaggy dog story, I apologise


Sunday, 18 July 2010

String Bean Jean

Today I had a clothes clear-out. Now, I dunno if this is just me but when I'm deciding whether or not to keep something I always try it on and see if it fits/I'd wear it round the house etc. Anyway some of the things I tried on actually had me in hysterics, I looked like such a prat in old crap that's too small for me :L

I couldn't resist but take some photos (I've never done an outfit post before but I've just found out to do self timer on my camera so they might start appearing more often) You might not find these remotely funny or interesting but it made me laugh...

A 2006 cross country hoodie that I've worn twice :/ Hang on I take the word 'hoodie''s a jumper and looks like something straight out of a 90's TV show :P

Another running hoodie that's seen better days! And by the way I apologise for looking scratty, I'd put my make up on in about 5mins and left my hair to its own devices...

This was the funniest...I had to wear overalls when I did lambing in March, I just thought I'd try them on for the gags :L I got them from a builders' shop where they took one look at me and said they wouldn't have anything my size, the reason for the bagginess!

This one isn't funny, well I hope not anyway...I've only worn this top once so I was trying to see if I could make it look normal cos it's all frilly and not very me. Just thought I'd show you me looking slightly more normal (but a bit moody) so you don't think I just have a really weird sense of style!

So that was today's interesting event. We had my auntie, uncle and cousins round for the whole weekend so that was my excuse for not posting. It was good to see them, the kids are lovely and we always have a good time playing tig and hide and seek :)

I hope you all had a good weekend, thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Cross my Heart and Hope to Fly

I dunno why I'm so down. I just had a really good day with lovely people. I suppose I'm just lost, I don't really know where I belong...friends-wise this is. Because I'm not sure if the new friends are truly accepting and if the other ones really wanted me there in the first place and if the best ones still want to be the best ones. And maybe I'm also down cos of my ridiculous parents who seem to completely lack empathy, or maybe the fact I have a mouthful of ulcers and a banging headache. Oh I dunno, I'm just feeling sorry for myself but I do feel shit. I think I'm just gonna stick some music on, have a cup of tea and make something for my room. That might help I suppose.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I Know where the Summer Goes

My typical childhood summer's day used to consist of a bike ride, a picnick and friends. A nice way to spend your time, well I think so. So seeing as none of us have any money but still need to get out the house we thought we'd do exactly that. The weather was shit and we only had a few hours but we got on our bikes (that rarely see the light of day) and cycled to the woods.

We got some weird looks from the dog-walkers and passers-by...the four of us sat in a bush eating raspberries, french bread and chocolate (we thought we should have some real food as we've been eating crap all week) But we had a nice time :)
I fell off my bike...I was fine, just laughed it off as per usual :L
So yes that was our summer's might find it sad or weird that four 16 year old girls would want to ride bikes and have a picnick but we spend enough time worrying about what other people think so it's nice to just relax and do what we want for a bit.

How are you guys finding the summer so far? And sorry if you're still at school and I'm rubbing it in your face, I don't mean too!

Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx

P.S. The title of this post is a song from Belle and Sebastian's album 'Push Barman to Open Old Wounds'- check it out, it's pretty good.

I promise you

Saturday, 10 July 2010


A while ago one of my friends put series one of skins on my iPod and now I'm obsessed! I just love their crazy, dramatic lifestyle and how they constantly going to parties and take drugs with no consequence whatsoever...if only! It's also really English which is nice, it makes the characters easier to relate to and makes me want to live in Bristol- that's clearly where the good parties are! But now I've realised why everyone says series four is crap. The first series is funny and original but by the fourth it's just over-done and a bit repetitive. Plus the characters seem to be copies of the originals.

Anyway, back to the first series which I thought was amazing! I think Cassie's my favourite character...she's completely out of it the whole time and is really honest but manages to stay sweet and innocent at the same time. By series 2 she's a bit depressing but still entertaining :)

Cassie is closely followed by Chris... he's really funny, completely careless and pretty much does what he wants. But he's also really sweet, him and Jal make a good couple :P (Oh dear I sound like I'm talking about my friends here...I must remember it's fiction!)

So I hope you enjoyed my little review of skins :) I suppose I am looking forward to series 5, it'll grow on me :) How about you guys, do you watch skins? If so, what's the verdict and who is your favourite character?

Georgina x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lolz on Our Holz

Hey guys, hope you're all ok and enjoying the sunny weather if you're lucky enough to have any! I've been meaning to post about T4 on the Beach and I have finally got round to it :) It really was one of the best weekends ever :D here goes...

Saturday- it was the day after prom so we were all a bit knackered but we had to get up to meet at the train station at 11.30. We got the train to Birmingham then Bristol then Weston-Super-Mare and managed to have a pretty good journey. We were all so excited on the way! My friend Ffion had bought us all white t-shirts, so we all sat on the train writing our nicknames and 'T4 on the Beach' all over them! The last train was so busy, I got squashed into a corner on my own and loads of people kept asking me why there were so may people...they clearly don't watch channel 4 :P

We camped over night with 1000 other T4ers...that was pretty mental. Most people were drunk and the music went on all night. We didn't have any booze so we were a bit bored! We made some friends though- a group of boys who came and sat in our tent for a bit (it was a tee pee, how exciting!!) It was quite nice to just sit around and chat cos we were all so tired from travelling!

Sunday- the day of the concert, we got up at about 8 and got a coach to the beach. It was so busy, we queued for an hour and a half which isn't too bad considering some people had been there since 4 in the morning! The actual concert was really good, Dizzee Rascal and Jason Derulo were amazing but Example and Plan B (on the smaller stage) were definitely the best! The only problem with T4 is that it revolves around the TV show so we were constantly being used as 'the crowd' being asked to cheer and shout the artists' names which was a bit tedious.

After the concert we had to wait for a taxi for an hour and twenty mins. We were not happy. It was so cold and we were all starving so we just sat on a street corner taking photos! A good way to spend your time :D

Monday- the morning after T4 and on our campsite there were only 18 of us left out of the previous 1000! It was like a wasteland with rubbish everywhere! We walked around the site and realised that there was so much stuff left behind! I know it's really disgusting but we went round to see what we could find (we had nothing do on Monday and were staying for another night.)

There was so much stuff left behind! We found this paddling pool and filled it with our findings :D Most of it was booze as that was our priority (we'd been away all weekend and hadn't had a drop) We also found a wind break, a radio, footballs, camping chairs, roll mats, crisps (unopened), BBQs, juice, a bucket, shoes, plastic cups, a torch and much more! We ended up making an amazing little camp for ourselves :D

So most of the day was taken up with drinking, sleeping and sunbathing, what a nice life :D In the evening we made some more friends, three of whom sat with us and played their guitar while we all sat round a BBQ (which we found :P) and sung along and got drunk :) Monday was by far the best day!

We got up the next morning, had a nice shower (that we didn't have to queue for!) then left to catch our three trains home. So pretty much an amazing weekend with the only downside being restricted to where we could year we're hoping to drive there :)

Thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Party Don't Start 'til We Walk In

Where do I start? I've got so much to talk about! I think I'll do a few posts to break it up a bit, starting with prom last Friday. Apologies for calling it 'prom' I know that's really American but anything else is just cheesy so prom it shall be :)

I was never really too fussed about it to be honest but I think once you start organising it, it's easy to get carried away! So after getting my hair done and doing my make up I went to my friend Katie's house, with 7 other girls, for drinks and photos. It was quite funny with all the proud parents there! My dad's a photographer so he took the two below- posed and awkward but quite nice all the same :)

Above- The girlies :) Katie, Chloe, Heather, Me, Abi, Ffion, Jordan, Chaz

Yes we did get a limo :/ None of us were particularly into the idea but it turned out to be the best part of the whole night! We'd all had a bit to drink (when I say this I mean we downed as much champagne as possible when the rents weren't there!) so had a little party on the way. When we got to the venue we all stumbled out of the car with Ke$ha blaring out the windows...good times :)

Above- Abi, Ffion and me. One of the only decent pictures of me, in all the others I'm either talking/dancing/eating or pulling some stupid face.

One of the many photos. I regret buying a strapless dress- it stayed in place but I hated having my shoulders bare and I felt really self conscious.

But I will admit- prom was a rave. It was actually really fun, most people had been drinking and although the food was shit it was an awesome night. One girl was really drunk and threw up everywhere including on my leg but luckily it didn't get my dress :) The picture above sums up the dance floor, it was pretty mental with a few mosh pits but really good music. Some of the teachers were dancing too :L

All in all a pretty good night followed by an amazing weekend...more on that in the next post :P

Thanks for reading,
Georgina xx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

Ok this is a very rushed post...a quick update on the past few days- book return day, sixth form induction day, prom-getting-ready-for-day and then prom :D (I dunno why we call it prom but 'the ball' sounds really chessy, like something out of Cinderella!)

So...prom yesterday, it was so fun and so much better than we thought it would be. We got a limo there (cheesy again, I know!) and then danced all night, it was so fun! I'll be putting some photos up soon :) Anyway now I'm off to Weston-Super-Mare to T4 on the Beach and we're leaving in about half an hour...that's why this is so rushed! I did want to do a proper post this morning but after not going to bed 'til three I slept in a bit and now have no time to spare! I promise I will be here to update you next week :)

Thank you all for reading and sorry that I won't be posting 'til Tuesday, until then fellow bloggers :)

Georgina xx