Saturday, 25 September 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to see MGMT with my best friend on Thursday. I bought her the tickets for her birthday an we'd wanted to see them for ages so we were really excited! We got the train and queued for ages but got a really good place about 3 people back from the front :) I had a cold and felt a bit crap so that spoilt it a bit, but we still had a great time!
The gig was really good, the supporting band were the Dum Dum Girls who were ok, lacked personality but they had a few good songs. Mind you, what do I know? When we went to see Florence and the Machine, the XX were supporting and we thought they were crap but look at them now!But MGMT were so good! Most of their songs aren't that upbeat and dancy so we couldn't really get into it but some of their songs were really energetic and got the crowd going. They played some songs from their latest album 'Congratulations' and their old one 'Oracular Spectacular' but the best were probably Time to Pretend, Brian Eno, Electric Feel and of course Kids.So overall, I'd say it was a really good gig, but not amazing just because the songs weren't fast enough to really get into. They also left Congratulations until the very end (we had to leave 5mins early to catch the train) so we didn't get to see the whole song which was a shame, but never mind! Check out their album on Spotify or whatever, it's not that good at first but the songs are definitely growers!

Thanks for reading, Georgina x

P.S. None of these are my pictures as you probably realised (all from Google Images) Neither of us took a camera which was annoying!


  1. Definitely checking out this band. Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh-em-gee! I'm so jealous of you! I totally heart MGMT! My friend and I even call each other BENJAMIN + ANDREW. Haha

    Glad you had a rad time=)


  3. Haha gotta love MGMT, they were really good live! Thank you both for commenting :) x