Saturday, 18 September 2010

It's Working

I'm not going to rant in this post. I'm not going to explain why I want to rant and I don't want to talk about my week. For some reason I'm incredibly happy, so happy I actually feel like crying. So happy that I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad...But there's a huge grin on my face so I guess it's not the latter. There's no reason really, I suppose life's good, really good. I am so happy with where I am and I feel like my life is going forwards not stuck in a rut. The bad bits are there but they're small and insignificant compared to the good. I can see the future but I'm also loving now. It's all just going so well :)

Georgina x


  1. I'm happy for you! By being happy and telling about it you actually put a smile on my face too!


  2. <3 !!! I'm glad you're so happy. Thanks for posting --- this made me smile.

  3. Awe I'm so happy for you, it actually makes me happy like I can share in your happiness! Life's been so hectic with school and things that I've really forgotten to stop and appreciate were I am and be happy. Really lovely post. ♥

  4. Thank you all, your comments made me smile even more :) It's easy to rant on about stuff but I suppose it's much nicer to see the good side :) x