Thursday, 9 September 2010


Thank you very much Karolina from better than barszcz for this award. I really like blog awards as they show that people do actually read your posts and that they like what you rant on about! If I've given you the award please don't feel obliged to take part yourself, just know that I think your blog is really good and I enjoy reading it (I could say this about many but I can only choose 10!)
1. Thank the blogger who gave me the award...
Thank you Karolina, I always appreciate awards and it means a lot particularly from a fairly new follower!

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words...
Live, laugh, learn, rant, rave.

3. Pass this on to 10 other bloggers that you feel have a substance in their blogs.

Finding Neverland
Sunny Days and Starry Nights
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Live by Love
Step Into Adolescence


  1. Thanks so much for passing this award on to us!! We appreciate it so much. We love getting awards too!

  2. Thanks for the award! :)

  3. Aw wow thanks so much hun that is really nice of u xx xx

  4. Thank you for the award!

  5. thank you so much for the award! i would pass it back to you but we might just keep going round in a circle, you deserve the award! xx

  6. Thank you so much for this, it's so lovely of you! :)
    And congrats on getting it yourself, definitely deserve it :)

    Jess xx

  7. You're all very welcome! Your blogs are all brilliant and thank you for following mine :) xx

  8. Thank you so much for the award :)!
    I love your blog, and it means so much recieving this award. <3

  9. You're welcome and thank you :) x