Saturday, 27 February 2010

5 Inspirational Ladies

A while ago I did a post on my favourite bands and when I'd finished I realised they were all male groups so I thought I would give some credit to the girls and show you my favourite female artists. They're not bands but that's just conincidence...
(Again, I've put next to each one 3 of my favourite songs)

Lily Allen- Him, The Fear, Fuck You

Miss Li- Bourgeois Shangri-La, Oh Boy, I thought I knew you

Ladyhawke- My Delirium, Paris is Burning, Dusk til Dawn

Florence + the Machine- Howl, Dog Days, Kiss with a Fist

Regina Spektor- Us, Hero, Samson
Thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010


About 3 months ago our cat Jess died, she was 16 but we'd had her for about 5 years...anyway we've always said we'd get another cat so after a few visits to the RSPCA we finally found our kitty :) We've reserved her so as soon as we've had our home visit she can come home :)

She's beautiful, 2years old, tabby, little girly called Princess but we're definitly re-naming her. They said she's very shy and needs to build up her confidence with people but I cannot wait to bring her home :D
As soon as she's settled in I'll take some pictures, she's gorgeous- big green eyes :)

So, I said she's currently called Princess but that is not staying. We were thinking something girly- Poppy, Dolly, Phoebe, Dora, Millie, Dotty? At the moment we're stuck on Bella but what do you think, any ideas? (I know they all end in E or A but it kind of suits her :P)

Hope you're all Ok :)

Georgina xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Yesteday I went to London with my mum, not for any reason really, just cos it's fun :) She wanted to get my dad a wallet for his birthday from this posh shop on Bond Street (it's his 50th), it was so funny, we walked in and there were about 5 sales people waiting to serve us so she put on this really posh voice and acted like she new exactly what she wanted. I had a look round the shop and there was a box that cost £6,600! It was leather but seriously!?

Then we went to Oxford street, of course, but didn't get to go into the big topshop, grrr. We met up with my brother and his girlfriend, we haven't met her properly before so that was cool. We had lunch then went to the tate modern which I have to say has a lot of crap displayed! There was one piece which was just a mirror stuck on a canvas, if only that was good enough for my As exam! But we did see some amazing ones- Warhol, Dali, Picasso, Modigliani etc.

So yer it was a good day, bit of shopping, lots of eating and it was nice to see my brother and the gf :)

Hope you guys are having a good week/ half term :)

Georgina xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fill My Ears

Here are 5 bands that I have been obsessingly listening to recently, I go throught fazes of only listening to certain bands until I've heard their songs so much I'm sick of them and move on...
(I've put next to each one 3 of my favourite songs)

The Maccabees- Toothpaste Kisses, X-ray, Love You Better

The Libertines- Don't look back into the sun, What Katie Did, Campaign of Hate
Bombay Bicycle Club- Magnet, Always like this, The Hill

Mumford and Sons- The Cave, Little Lion Man, Winter Winds
The Kooks- See the World, Seaside, Sway
I'm sure you all love them too :) Listen and enjoy.

Oh and happy pancake day!

Georgina xx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Parents go away for one night...

Blergh I feel ill. We went to a party and I drank a bit too much. I don't really remember much except locking some people outside, dancing badly, playing twister and crying for an hour on the bathroom floor. In the end we were kicked out and I threw up in their neighbour's front garden :/

I had 5 people staying at my house so we had a nice 2 mile drunk walk home and then all talked and ate random food until 5am. They were all gone by about 12 today so I was left to clear up, it took me 2hours, no kidding they are so messy!

So then I watched TV and fell asleep for 3hours which wasn't good cos now I just feel ill. The rents are back in about half an hour. Oh I feel like a fool. At one point last night I had a dictionary and was reading out random words. Cringe.

The worst thing is the strange hangover cravings, I've eaten a whole pizza, a pack of maltesers, beans on toast, crisps, a few grapes and lots of orange juice.

So yer, an interesting start to half term. Oh well it could have been worse, at least my parents weren't here :)


Monday, 8 February 2010

8 things

Thank you very much Charlotte (thoughts from another kook) for tagging me in this. I just got home and decided I would spend some time doing it. It's hard work, but still fun :) So yeah...hope you like it :)

eight TV shows i watch.
1. Skins
2. Malcom in the middle
3. Glee
4. Friends
5. Misfits
6. Mock the week.
7. Scrubs
8. Wife swap :/
eight places i like to eat.
1. Zizzis
2. At home- my mum's a good cook
3. EAT
4. School canteen?
5. My grandma's house
6. Sunam (Indian restaurant)
7. In the park- picnic :D
8. In front of the telly
eight things i look forward to.
1. Work experience- lambing in march :D
2. Our very long summer
3. Maybe going on holiday with my mum
4. Spending more time with my good friends
5. Sixth form
6. University
7. Hopefully being a vet
8. Having kids
eight things i did yesterday.
1. Saw my grandparents
2. Woke up too late
3. Ate lots of food
4. Had a nice car journey with the iPod :)
5. Had time to think
6. Cried over maths homework :/
7. Missed the surgery on Radio 1
8. Stayed up too late
eight things i love about winter.
1. Christmas of course
2. Wearing my duffle coat and mittens ;)
3. Seeing all my cousins
4. Wrapping presents
5. Late night shopping
6. The last week of term- always so much fun!
7. Putting loads of layers on
8. Snuggling up in a warm bed when it's cold outside
eight things on my wishlist.
1. Time
2. Get into vet uni
3. Travel
4. More clothes
5. To stop worrying/ stressing
6. Good GCSE results
7. Lots of work experience
8. For people to appreciate me a bit more
eight things i am passionate about.
1. Art
2. Animals
3. Music
4. My opinions
5. Evolution- I'm a geek 8)
6. My goals
7. Photography
8. Science
eight words or phrases i use too often.
1. Alright
2. Jeez
3. Wicked
4. Sorry
5. Oh for God's sake
6. Sounds good to me
7. Shut up
8. NO
eight things i learned from the past.
1. Don't cut your hair really short
2. Appreciate time
3. Do what you want not what they want
4. Don't waste time on friends who don't treat you well
5. Don't follow trends
6. Stick to your opinions
7. Follow your dreams
8. This is your life and the world is your oyster
eight places i would love to go, visit, or see.
1. New York
2. Ireland
3. Japan
4. Italy
5. India
6. Paris (again)
7. Camden
8. South America (Brazil?)
eight things i currently want or need.
1. A black skirt
2. A big woolly jumper
3. More pants
4. Work experience
5. Time
6. A job
7. New shoes, I don't care what type
8. Tickets to a gig

There you go, hope you like it, if you're tagged then you can copy and paste and do it yourself :) The only annoying thing is that I can't get rid of these italics!

Georgina x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

I forgot to tell you about my highly embarrassing lunchtime. Oh god.

My story:
I went to the art rooms at friday lunchtime. I was the only one there so one of the teachers asked me if I minded if she locked the door because they were having a meeting.

So Cat, came to the door and mouthed to me that she wanted to come in but all the doors were locked, so I explained to her that I couldn't come out, so I was stuck there. I carried on with my work when the depty head came in asking me if I was Ok (I was very confused as he never talks to anyone). I then walked to the canteen where everyone started clapping and cheering for me....Oh dear!

So this is what happened:
Cat cannot lip read. She thought I had said "I'm trapped!" through the door so went and told all my friends I was locked in. So a huge group of people got up to see me locked in there, mean I know.

Anyway, on the way they saw the depty head who asked them where they were going, they told him, so he came and unlocked the door for me. Meanwhile, the head of year saw all the people walking in a big group and thought there was a fight so was shouting at everyone telling them they should never run to watch a fight... :/

So they all decided to cheer for me when I walked in as I had caused such a huge thing, oops :/

I know this was a bit hard to follow, I tried to make it simple.


One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching

It's been an odd weekend. I ran on saturday morning, did really badly as per...

I came home and spent the whole afternoon doing art- planning for my final piece which I've already started. I'm doing the seven deadly sins, I was going to do 4 canvases (because 7 is too many) each of a different sin. Then I came up with the idea to make each one into a perfume advert, so I spent the whole of Saturday planning for this and now am starting to regret it and wish I'd stuck with the simple, original idea :/

Simple canvases or perfume adverts? Oh I dont know, a few hours chatting to the stoner art teacher may help, but then again it will probably confuse me further :/
(One of the pics I spent ages setting up and editing...)

Today I went to see my grandparents which was nice but they started talking about what they'll do when one of them dies which was thouroughly depressing. It does make me think that time goes so quickly and one day I will be sitting in an armchair saying "Oh I remember when I was 16..."

It's sad how time goes, but it does make me want to live my life well, I wish we lasted forever, it's just not fair.

A pretty mundane weekend. Urgh and now it's so late, must go to bed, now Georgina, not later, you'll regret it.

Thank you for reading


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pizza from scratch

Urgh, a down day. Parents are so annoying.

I have to say I have not been that angry in a long time, I took advantage of this and did an 'expressive' picture for my art project (7 deadly sins- 'wrath'). It ended up as a screwed up piece of paper with red scribbles. Plus I got paint on my carpet and broke one of my chalks :(

Apparently my art isn't emotional enough, this is because I'm a perfectionist so can't be messy and creative. I have to have smooth lines and perfect proportions. That's why I get stressed when it all goes wrong.

He said "Think of the last time you were jealous and get a pen and draw lines. Don't look, just draw what you're feeling." Thanks sir, no, really.

But I suppose, when I'm really angry I just want to get a canvas and smear a load of paint crap all over it, get it everywhere, piss some people off. Sounds good.

Another fricking annoying thing is that I cry when I'm angry, so it comes out as sadness which is not what I'm trying to get across. Urgh. People should really get this by now. They have known me my whole life for fuck's sake.

Hope I didnt bring you down, it's not fun here.