Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Handbags and Gladrags

I promised to show you some of the new clothes I bought and here they are :) They are really dark plain colours, mainly grey, making it look like I wear really drab clothes. I don't usually, this it just what I happened to buy! I felt really wintry when I bought them so they're quite woolly and warm! I was also thinking of the sixth form term to come, it is the winter term after all!

(Plain grey jumper with elbow pads- £20 from H&M, they didn't have size medium so I bought a large, so it's baggy but really comfy!)

(Superdry hoodie- actually bought in the airport so was reduced to £35. I always have a superdry hoodie that I live in, one was worn so much it got holes in so this is its replacement!)

(Blue skinny jeans from H&M, they look very boring in this photo, I suppose they are just plain blue jeans! And only £20 which was nice!)

(Another boring hoodie from H&M- £15. After the 'hoodie in the fire' incident which my mother doesn't know about (see 'drunken tales and inexplicable bruises') I needed a new wear-always-and-trash hoodie. It's a size 14 as I wanted it to be baggy and comfy)

So that is the end of my new clothes, I got a few more things that I haven't taken pictures of yet so they might appear on this post in a few days! Oh and I hope you like the photos, I tried to be all arty and make them look more interesting with a close-up view as well :)

Thanks for reading ) Georgina xx


  1. i always buy my hoodies/jumpersa few sizes too big.
    much more comfortable that way :)

  2. I like the closeups on the pics :) Very artsy indeed.


  3. Oh I do love the elbow pads on that grey sweater! Nice touch.


  4. I love the H&M jumper & hoodies. I have that bottom hoodie in navy ;P

  5. I love that jumper at the top, looks soo comfy! They've got oversized striped jumpers in at the moment too, I got one the other day and it's gorgeous :)
    I have the grey hoody too, but in a boy's small as I think the hoods are better than the girl's ones, thicker fabric.

    Jess xx

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Margg- I agree, jumpers are definitely more comfy baggy!

    Thank you Karolina :) and Lauren, I love the elbow pads too, that's what made me buy it :)

    Katie and Jess- H&M hoodies are really good and not too pricey! Gina x

  7. OMG I loooove the first sweater, I've had my eye out for something like that and I love the elbow pads! So cute. :)

  8. I saw the top jumper in H&M the other in a burnt orangey colour but not that grey. Love the elbow patch detail too. x

  9. Thank you Lily and Caitlin :) Yeah they did have a dark orange one too, I tried it on but it didn't suit me as well as the grey! x