Thursday, 26 August 2010

Viens Voir Happy Teenager

So...GCSE results. I wasn't going to write them on here but why not? I write this blog to be honest not modest. After all that anticipation and lack of sleep (I was up til 5am in the end) I got 7 A*s and 4 As and yes I was bloody surprised!! So many people got amazing results- most of my friends got all As and A*s, we're such geeks 8) So I spent the day a friend's house with a load of really happy people watching Mulan and our prom video :D My parents were really pleased with my grades and my grandma cried down the phone! She's usually a tough nut but she was so emotional!
In the evening I managed to get a plus-one to a was a very select group of people, very much 'the cool kids' of our school so awkwardness was expected. We got there at about 9pm to find about 40 drunk kids, fun times :) It wasn't awkward- I just got drunk and stuck with the people I know :P We got kicked out at 11.30 so went to the park for a bit, I ended up getting home at 2.30 (my parents go to bed and trust me to get myself home) because the guys who walked me back were so slow! It was a good night, I'm glad I went, otherwise I would have been sat at home when I wanted to celebrate :D
Yesterday evening I went to a friend's house with a big group of people to watch movies :D We all snuggled up on the sofas with duvets all night :) Being cool we watched Robin Hood (the cartoon version :P) then Harry Potter, where we sat deciding who was which character (I'm Ginny :P) I ended up getting home at 1.30, ahh I do love the freedom of the holidays. I've had such a nice time recently hanging out with friends just being relaxed that I'm dreading getting up early and trying to find my way in a new school :/ Oh I'll leave it for another post :)

How did your results go if you got them on Tuesday?

Thank you for reading, Georgina xx

P.S. The title is from a song called 'Cooler Couleur' by Crookers. Check it out, it's a bit weird but had a good beat and the lyrics are pretty funny :)


  1. Well done! That's bloody amazing :Dx
    I got 3A*s, 5As, 2Bs and a D for tech whoops xx

  2. aww well done :D sounds like you've had a fun couple of nights :D i got 4 A's and 7 B's :D xx

  3. OH WOW! That's amazing! Definitely a cause for celebration.

  4. Congratulations! They are amazing!

  5. Your results are amazing, well done!

  6. Thank you all :) And congratulations Jenny and Gem for your results! x