Monday, 23 August 2010

Photo Jenny

I'm not really one for talking photos of myself and posting them- there's nothing wrong with it, I'm just not particularly photogenic and never have clothes worthy of an outfit post! Anyway, this evening I was just messing around with my hair and it looked quite nice so I thought I'd post some pics :) I'll also try and explain what I did although it won't work if your hair's not curly, sorry!
(Very posed, I apologise! And they're in black and white, not because I fancy myself as a model but because we all look better without colour! Plus I wasn't wearing any make-up :/)
One of my friends has naturally really curly hair and I was talking to her about how she gets it to look so nice. See mine's curly but only at the bottom and if I blow dry it it goes straight/wavy. Anyway she told me that she never brushes or combs her hair and just leaves it to dry naturally. So I thought I'd give it a go as my hair is in a sorry state at the moment and I needed a plan to give it some life (I haven't had it cut in ages!)

So I washed it and left it to dry, I couldn't help but brush the front when it was wet because it looked really rat-taily. I also ended up putting some styling cream in it to tame the frizz! I then pulled it over to one side and hair-gripped it into place. I left a bit at the front on the other side to even it out, luckily it was curly so didn't just fall flat. It didn't look all that nice from the back but with some hairspray and a few more grips it would look much better :)

So yes that's about it for my vain post, you never know there might be some more in the future! I hope I was of some help, maybe to those with wavy hair, like me, who crave proper curly locks :P I'll be having my hair cut soon, what do you think...keep it long? Get the side fringe back? Shorter layers? Thanks for reading :)

Georgina x


  1. Your hair is so nice! Curly/wavy hair is a 'mare at times but ohwell! x

  2. For some people, it takes more time to style the hair. But I like your hair!

  3. Looks nice! My hair is slightly curly and it looks a lot better now that I've stopped brushing it dry.

  4. Thank you all for commenting, I think curly/wavy hair's nice as it's more interesting but I agree, it can take a while to tame!