Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Drunken Tales and Inexplicable Bruises

Here's a little update on my life...I haven't posted in a while so I'll make it long one with a few pics added in as not to bore you! Well my parents are away at the moment so it's just me and my brother, it's nice to have a quiet house, but it's a bit of a drag having to cook plus I turn into the mum- telling my brother to wash up while I tidy the kitchen and do the washing :/ Bad I know, I think I've given up now, it's too much effort!

So anyway I took advantage of the fact the rents are away and had a few friends stay round last night. We all went out...when I say 'out' I don't mean anywhere exciting just cos y'know, we're 16, what much can you do? So we went to the woods just out of our town...I'll be honest with you, to get drunk :) Someone made a facebook group and invited half my year (only about 40/50 people went in the end, still quite a few though!) I always find these things really awkward at first, just cos I'm no good in big groups plus it's not really my close friends. (I'm a weird one, I kind of have 2 groups of friends- the good ones who don't drink and have friendly gatherings and BBQs in the daytime and then the not-so-good ones who get drunk, go to parties and generally take more risks. So I'm quite lucky cos I get a mixture of the two!)

Back to what I was talking about...yeah we all went to the woods and after a bit of awkwardness ended up drunk, talking to random people and generally having a laugh. I'm going to sound really sad now but I want to be honest....I really like being drunk. I really do, I can talk to whoever I want without giving a crap about what they think, I'm not worrying about who to talk to next or what time it is or what I look like. It's great! I spent most of the night laughing hysterically with people or just talking crap with randomers :L
I will admit I have had some bad experiences with alcohol before, but the goods outweigh the bads :) I wasn't too bad last night, I got quite angry at a lot of people telling them to fuck off etc. not for any reason! That's not like me so no one was offended, they know it's the booze talking :P I also got a bit's a long story but my hoodie got put on the campfire, I know what you're thinking "Jeez she has bad friends, why would you hang out with people who'd do that" but the person who did it didn't know it was mine and was drunk so I think it was an accident. Plus he send me a message today apologising so I'm not bothered, he's a nice guy :) Everyone else was lovely too, I think cos I was upset for a reason people were sympathetic, whereas normally girls just get drunk and cry so get no sympathy!
So we stumbled home at about 2am with a few guys (that makes me sound slaggy but they all insist on walking girls back and we had a laugh on the way) I ended up sitting on my garden wall, waiting for the others to catch up, with a random guy from a different school. We had quite a good conversation actually! Talked about how we both sleep walk/talk and gave each other advice on how we should have our hair! Haha, drunken conversations are the best :L
This morning I was a bit of a bitch to my friends :/I was hungover, tired after only 4 hours sleep, pissed off cos they wouldn't leave my house and I generally don't do mornings. So they didn't see me at my best!

Thanks for reading this story/rant/confession/rushed post(only cos I want some sleep!)

Georgina x

P.S Had my braces tightened today and some extra brackets put on=PAIN. It hurts almost as much as when I first got them. I took 5 paracetamols within a few hours and they had no effect -.- Rant over and out.


  1. Your posts about being drunk always are entertaining :D Shame about the hoodie, but take that guys hair advice ;]
    hope the braces feel better soon x

  2. Haha thank you :) Advice from a guy is probably a good idea but he wasn't very helpful, just told me all the types of hair he didn't like :P x

  3. ouuuch braces! man, do those things hurt.
    sounds like you had a cracking evening, despite the trials & tribulations!

  4. Yeah they're evil! At least you get to have nice teeth after all the pain :) x