Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Rest of the World has Gone Home

As you may know my parents went away last week so I decided to have a BBQ with a big group of friends. I tried to explain my friends to you in another post but I'll give it another go:

I have the group of friends who I used to hang round with at school. They like drinking/parties/boys and generally go out a lot getting drunk and having fun. If I invited them round they'd bring vodka, fags and a load of their friends. They're the ones I go camping with and when I tell you about my drunken tales they're bound to be involved! They're all awesome though, I don't want you to think I hang round with a load of bitches, they wouldn't make me do anything and we always have a good time!
Then there's my other friends. There's a group called 'the clan' which sounds really intimidating but they're all lovely. I know lots of people in the group individually so get invited to some of their things. They're really friendly and have BBQs and gatherings at people's houses. If I invited them round they'd bring a few beers, a DVD and would take their shoes off at the door. (My mum would love them)
So yeah, they sound like 2 extremes but it's not that bad. I get on with both groups just as well so it's nice for me as I get to do both types of things- have friendly gatherings but still enjoy going out and messing around. So back to my free house for the week. I wanted to invite people round but had the trouble of deciding who. In the end I went with the quieter, friendly ones as I don't want my house trashed by drunkards and party crashers. I said they could drink so they brought some beers and cider etc. on condition they took the cans away at the end which they obediently followed!

The plan was a BBQ but the typical English weather went against us as usual! So we stayed inside :) It was a really fun night, a few people got a bit drunk but didn't cause any trouble. A bowl was broken which wasn't a problem but I still got an apologetic facebook message from the guy who did it insisting I let him pay (I told him not to worry!) You get the idea of what they're like! I would put some photos up but they're all rubbish, maybe if any more are put on facebook I'll show you :) Haha so yeah that's my friends for's gonna be weird when we go back to school, I might have to pick whick group to go with as they'd never all be friends together :/ It'll sort itself out, I'm sure :)

I hope you've all had a good week :) Thanks for reading, Georgina x


  1. Oooh dear, it sounds hard having two totally separate groups of friends. Try being friends with both but hanging around with a different group each day or something like that? xx

  2. That's a good idea, I'm sure it'll work out eventually :) hopefully they'll all be friends together, that'd be good! x