Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sticks 'n' Stones

The letter challenge continued...

16. Letter to someone that's not in your city or country-
I couldn't really think of anyone for this so I thought I'd use my cousin. So to you, Julia- I've seen you grow up, I hope I know you quite well but I think it's your surroundings that will change you. You have a strong personality even at a young age but I can see people pressurising you into being something you're not. We all have a time when the most important thing is to fit in and hopefully you'll soon realise that it's not. I hope you trust me and that you don't grow up and away from us. Georgina (or 'Nina' as you once called me!) xx

17. Letter to someone from your childhood-
It's funny that we used to be the best of friends. We didn't see each other for ages and even in secondary school didn't talk for 3 years! I hear different opinions of you from different people but I think you're alright. It shows how simple it is when you're little and make friends by sharing a crayon or something! So yeah, I doubt we'll ever be good friends again but it's good to talk to you from time to time :) Haha cya around, Georgina x

18. Letter to the person you wish you could be-
In no way shape or form do I 'wish I could be you'. I don't wish I could be anyone really. But there are many aspects of your life that are desirable. You seem to have everything going your way. You are the one person who will always do things better than me- you're pretty, clever, sporty, artistic and popular (I don't envy your popularity as everyone knows you are forced to be fake and I could never keep up that front) I really hope that the one ambition we have in common will favour me for once. I put in so much effort but you seem to get by with no input whatsoever. So yes, we shall see.

19. Letter to someone that pesters your mind (good or bad)-
To be honest, good and bad. You are a wonderful friend but with so many bad qualities. You make so much effort with texting me, ringing me and inviting me out, but with the important things you're not so good. You often use me, you ring me up to talk about yourself and when it moves to me you're not interested. You use my house as a service- there at your convenience and it's just not fair. Recently more people have asked me 'Is she really a good friend?' and even people I don't know well say 'It sounds like she uses you'. You pester my mind because I love you but I feel slightly trapped. Gina xx

20. Letter to the one that broke your heart the hardest-
I don't think I've ever had my heart broken. I've been let down and hurt many times but in the heartbreaking department I seem to be good for now.

21. Letter to someone you judged by the first impression-
I thought you were alright on the first impression. It was the impressions after that which changed my opinion. To be honest you seemed like a bit of a bitch, quite vain and you can tell you think highly of yourself. Now I know you a bit better I see the nice person underneath all of that but that surface still exists. I hear some of the things you do which are just not nice, but you still expect to be treated nicely yourself.

22. Letter to someone you want to give a second chance to-
I don't know what happened with us, we were best friends and the next day we weren't. We get on so well so let's make the most of it. If we spend more time together there will be more good times and more memories. We've been equally nasty to each other but it was so long ago that surely we can forget it? I hope so, Ginie xx

Hope you're all well, feel free to do this challenge if you wish, details are further down the page :)

Georgina x

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