Thursday, 19 August 2010

A New Look

Hey guys, just thought I'd share the fact that my blog has a new look...well a new background :) I didn't want you to get confused and think you were on a random blog that you'd never seen before!

I finally cracked the blog background changing thing and decided to go for it. I dunno why it was pink before, I'm not a very pink person which will probably surprise you giving the old colour scheme :P The new one's very me, what do you think? Sort of union jack with a twist, actually the more I look, the more I like it! Next it'll be the header, it's getting a bit old now but I'll leave it there for a bit as not to confuse you too much!

Better get some shut-eye now. A-level results tomorrow (later actually cos it's 2am) good luck everyone! I've just done my GCSEs but I did As art early so I'm getting my result tomorrow. I'm not too worried seeing as I'm not carrying it on, I just hope it gets delivered (I didn't want to go into school to get it so I gave in an envelope apparently with the wrong stamp on so it won't arrive! Typical me)

Night, Georgina x


  1. I like the background :D Hope the art result's good, as well as the GCSES x

  2. loving the background, very 1960s mod.

  3. good luck with your results.

    the new background is nice :)

  4. I'm also in the iddle of my trial exams, which wil determine whether I get into uni or not! But, good luck for your results=)

    PS- I ♥ your blog and I'm a follower(**,)

  5. it is a cool new backround ;D

  6. Thank you all :) 'The Braff'- good luck with the exams! And I was pleased with my art result in the end :) x