Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A trail for the devil to erase

I had my first exam today...scary! It was RE which we all have to do so it's only half a GCSE but still. I think I did ok but I quoted the Qur'an on a Judaism question :/ Oh well it's over now, I never had to do RE again :D

On my last post I said how many photos there were from the last week of school and they're still coming! I wanted to show you this one below, it made me laugh, it's me and my friend by the exit thing at school :P Haha I have no idea why...

And listen to this song: Piazza, New York catcher- Belle and Sebastian, it's lovely :)

I hope you're all ok and good luck to everyone who has exams!

Georgina xx


  1. Good luck on your exams.
    I finished mine yesterday.


  2. Thank you and lucky you! x