Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I cannot wait until the summer! Today was the nicest day we've had for ages, it made me really excited about everything! And now more things are being planned there's even more to look forward to- I'm going to Venice and Bath with my mum and T4 on the beach with my friends and hopefully they'll be loads of 'at the park, sitting in the sun with a BBQ' days- they're the best :D

It's just going to be so nice to just relax, without any stupid exams to worry about, I should probably wait until they're over until I start thinking about the summer but oh well, I can dream :)

One of the reasons I'm so excited is because I'm listening to songs like this (The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun) I love it! Listen and enjoy :)

Thanks for reading, Georgina xx


  1. I'd take the same attitude if I didn't have exams to worry about!

    And, pretty blog

  2. I know your pain. I have exams as well -_- but sooner rather than later we'll be able to enjoy the summer!

  3. yaaaay beatles! one of my favourite songs ever (:

  4. Thank you guys :) Exams are so boring, good luck with yours, and Charlotte you clearly have good music taste :P x