Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pain au locachat?

I haven't posted for ages and one of my excuses is that I had my Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition at the weekend. On Friday we left school at 4.30 to drive to Derby, we camped overnight then on Saturday walked about 21k to a little village, stayed overnight then walked another 20k on Sunday to Bakewell.
I'm not going to lie I found the walking really hard, it was so hilly and such a long way but as a group we had a great time. I wasn't going to put any group pictures up but you can't really see faces! I'm the one sitting on the floor in black (I recently realised that I never put photos of myself up so you don't really know what I look like!) It was a group of people I don't spend much time with and some people I don't really know so it was good to get to know them better :)
When I look back on the weekend I did enjoy it, but at the time it was pretty horrible! The second day was cold and wet and really tiring but we still had fun! Playing I-spy with things like 'atom' and 'reality' filled some time, as well as singing in the fields- at one point we all started singing 'Barbara-Ann' which was rather amusing! There were loads of random jokes like "Assume the foetal position!" (we all crouch on the floor) Haha when you've walked that far you start to go a bit mental :P

Well I hope you forgive me for not posting in a while, I will try and improve, thanks for reading,

Georgina x


  1. ohh this sounds so fun! i love playing i-spy with the most abstract things you can think of (:

  2. Yer it was pretty funny, especially when it got to things like 'change' haha x