Sunday, 16 May 2010

The End of an Era

As I said in my my last post, Friday was my last day of school- we're now on study leave for GCSEs. Even though we'll be going back for exams and a few revision sessions it was really sad! Our leavers assembly was amazing-our head of year had rung people's parents and got their baby photos and the class photos from primary school- embarrassing but hilarious! And afterwards everyone realised how much fun we actually have at school, I'm gonna miss it, I am going to sixth form but it's on a different site so won't be quite the same.

In the last week everyone had cameras it was crazy- there are about 50 albums on facebook, I'm tagged in 83 pictures so far, pretty impressive! Here are a few, I know I shouldn't put photos of people up without their permission but they're all my friends and they were on fb anyway!
You can probably work out which one I am (above-left, below-right)
On the last day we all wore white shirts so we could get them signed...
On Friday we had a a half day so our whole year went to the park which was cool but weird- we never all hang around together so some of the groups merged but it was a bit awkward. It was good to mix with different people though. So yer...that's it, end of school. I suppose I have to really start working now, I've done quite a bit but some people started revising ages ago which is a bit worrying :/

Thank you so much for following, it means a lot :D

Georgina xxx


  1. It was my last day on Friday too :] But we had a BCS exam so it was all really scrambled! Leavers day is so sad :{ yet fun! x

  2. Yer we did have a good time, and I suppose we'll see everyone over the summer :) x