Sunday, 9 January 2011

Roll Away Your Stone

I know this is a very late post but I've been revising for my exams that are next week, scary times :/ Anyway I promised a resolutions post and that is what you shall have :) My first post on this blog was last year, January 6th to be exact, and it was on my new year's resolutions.

Here's the picture of my list, not very clear but ahh well. It's still on my wall even on the 9th day of 2011 :/ not god I know but it would look bare without it and I don't have time t make a new one yet!
So have I kept them? Well there were a lot, 30 actually, so it was a big ask of myself...
Don't feel you have to read this next bit, it's for me really :)

1. Run more- I have failed this terribly. X
2. Do more art- I did a GCSE and As level in it so that's quite a bit of work...
3. Take too many photos- too many but maybe not enough?
4. Drink tea- I completed that one!
5. Get a fringe and keep it- failed, I wasn't brave enough. X
6. Do GCSEs- yup
7. Do them well- I hope so
8. Keep calm and carry on- I do try
9. Make my room, my room- this one I can definitely say I've done :D
10. Doodle- but I never know what to draw! X
11. Get quotes quotes quotes- of course :)
12. Watch more films- I've watched more but not enough X
13. Buy nice cheap clothes- the discovery of charity shops and primark
14. Be creative- I'd like to think so
15. Go to more gigs- I've been to a few, but yer :/ X
16. Follow blogs- loads of them!
17. Drink water much more- I actually have. I'm rather proud :)
18. Eat chocolate much less- maybe this one was a bit too hard... X
19. Walk more- done and done
20. Make fish tank better- or give the fish away and take it to the tip? X
21. Go places- this one's kind of hard to avoid
22. Read fact and fiction- I haven't read enough but when I do it's fact :) X
23. Learn something everyday- that would be nice
24.Think- I've done plenty of thinking
25. Paint stuff- I did, that's in the past now
26. Get loads of work experience- yup, but need more!
27. Be inspired- yes and no
28. Learn from mistakes- I'd like to think so :)
29. Be early- Hahaha no! X
30. Learn how to go to bed earlier- I've learnt, it the doing that's the challenge X

So now I have to think of some for 2011, I'm so behind the times, I'm over a week late for resolutions but I need some! What are yours? I need ideas!

Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx


  1. I loved this blog post :) you did really well!
    Mine are: to eat more fruit, to take up yoga, to do more excercise (probably running), to be more sociable and to learn how to cook boring things like veg and meat instead of just baking cookies and cakes!

  2. Thanks for the comments, those are good resolutions! I need to learn how to cook too :) x