Monday, 17 January 2011

Buried by the Daisies

Day 04 - A picture of your day.
I've had a long day which was made a good one by amazing friends, long talks and Starbucks.

I know this is a picture challenge but I thought I'd add a little extra :) If my day had a sound track, this would be it. I've just found this band (The Tallest Man on Earth) and they're actually brilliant. Have a listen I really think you'll like it :)

Hope you've all had a good day :)

Georgina xx


  1. mm, i think ive heard of them somewhere. sounds like mumford and sons.

  2. i love your blog so much, it always makes me smile! :)

  3. i agree with justme and about awkward smiles

  4. I love mumford and sons! You're right they do sound similar :) Thank you justme and rivercat x