Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lolz on Our Holz

Hey guys, hope you're all ok and enjoying the sunny weather if you're lucky enough to have any! I've been meaning to post about T4 on the Beach and I have finally got round to it :) It really was one of the best weekends ever :D here goes...

Saturday- it was the day after prom so we were all a bit knackered but we had to get up to meet at the train station at 11.30. We got the train to Birmingham then Bristol then Weston-Super-Mare and managed to have a pretty good journey. We were all so excited on the way! My friend Ffion had bought us all white t-shirts, so we all sat on the train writing our nicknames and 'T4 on the Beach' all over them! The last train was so busy, I got squashed into a corner on my own and loads of people kept asking me why there were so may people...they clearly don't watch channel 4 :P

We camped over night with 1000 other T4ers...that was pretty mental. Most people were drunk and the music went on all night. We didn't have any booze so we were a bit bored! We made some friends though- a group of boys who came and sat in our tent for a bit (it was a tee pee, how exciting!!) It was quite nice to just sit around and chat cos we were all so tired from travelling!

Sunday- the day of the concert, we got up at about 8 and got a coach to the beach. It was so busy, we queued for an hour and a half which isn't too bad considering some people had been there since 4 in the morning! The actual concert was really good, Dizzee Rascal and Jason Derulo were amazing but Example and Plan B (on the smaller stage) were definitely the best! The only problem with T4 is that it revolves around the TV show so we were constantly being used as 'the crowd' being asked to cheer and shout the artists' names which was a bit tedious.

After the concert we had to wait for a taxi for an hour and twenty mins. We were not happy. It was so cold and we were all starving so we just sat on a street corner taking photos! A good way to spend your time :D

Monday- the morning after T4 and on our campsite there were only 18 of us left out of the previous 1000! It was like a wasteland with rubbish everywhere! We walked around the site and realised that there was so much stuff left behind! I know it's really disgusting but we went round to see what we could find (we had nothing do on Monday and were staying for another night.)

There was so much stuff left behind! We found this paddling pool and filled it with our findings :D Most of it was booze as that was our priority (we'd been away all weekend and hadn't had a drop) We also found a wind break, a radio, footballs, camping chairs, roll mats, crisps (unopened), BBQs, juice, a bucket, shoes, plastic cups, a torch and much more! We ended up making an amazing little camp for ourselves :D

So most of the day was taken up with drinking, sleeping and sunbathing, what a nice life :D In the evening we made some more friends, three of whom sat with us and played their guitar while we all sat round a BBQ (which we found :P) and sung along and got drunk :) Monday was by far the best day!

We got up the next morning, had a nice shower (that we didn't have to queue for!) then left to catch our three trains home. So pretty much an amazing weekend with the only downside being restricted to where we could year we're hoping to drive there :)

Thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going camping with some friends soon. I'm so excited!
    Have a great day!


  2. that sounds amazing, i'm ridiculously jealous. I had to watch T4 on the TV but was too hungover to make it past chipmunk...


  3. Ooh have fun camping, we had a great time! Haha Claire! I didn't see Chipmunk, we were wandering between the different stages so missed a few acts x

  4. Looks like so much fun! Great blog :D