Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Planning Spontaneity Without the Planning

Ok I'm gonna tell you about my evening. Some it will make you think I'm a complete moron/drunk/freak/crazy person/bitch but I'm not. Well I don't think I am...most of the time, anyway, read and judge (but not too harshly cos I do want you to like me)

A friend of a friend is in a band and was playing at a little gig, in a club, a bus ride away. He said he'd get us cheap tickets and we thought it would be a good laugh so we decided to go. 7 of us went to my friend's house first and were drinking (we all have a better time and are more relaxed when we drink, however sad that sounds) So we go the bus there, payed to get in the club and realised that there were only about 15 other people there, all just sat round watching the band.
(this isn't my photo, www.wehearit.com is where I get most pictures from)

I know this is really rude but we couldn't sit there for much longer, so after about half an hour (when the band we came to see had finished) we decided to leave and hang out with the guys from the band. We went to the park and hung round for a bit, and met some other guys who were a bit annoying but whatever.

So after hanging around for ages 2 of the girls had gone home so there were 5 of us left. 2 others decided to go but missed the bus so the 5 of us were trying to sort out how we'd get home, ringing taxi companies and checking bus times etc. So we were standing there getting stressed when the annoying guys from the park pulled over by us, in their car.

They offered us a lift just as taxi pulled up so we had to make a quick decision. It was so manic...I just saw 2 of my friends getting in the taxi (shouting at the three of us not to get in the car) and thought if i went over they'd drive away before i got there and I'd be stranded so I just got in the car. Stupid I know. The one thing your mum teaches you- not to get in stranger's cars...but there we were, three girls with three guys (who'd been drinking) driving around hoping they would actually take us home :/

(It wasn't like the above...but y'know, nice picture)

They did get us home safely, thank god. We went to the park first, i dunno why, it wasn't my idea but we just sat there for about 20mins chatting, they were nice guys :) So yer they took us home, my brother was angry that we got a lift from strangers but whatever, we were too drunk to make a rational decision. We're safe and that's all that matters. (<--cheeesy)

So you'll think I'm mad when I say this but we're gonna meet up with the guys tomorrow. Is that weird? I don't think so, they were nice and we wont go in their car again cos that was a stupid thing to do, so what's the problem? Some of my friends think it's 'irresponsible' I dunno, what do you think? Ergh it's so complicated trying to please everyone but still have fun and do what I want to do!

So yes, I know I hyped this up to be an amazing story and it was bit shit but y'know, I'm a boring person, I don't take risks normally. Someone said 'well you can learn from the mistake' and I thought, was it a mistake? If nothing bad happens is it still a mistake or just a stupid thing? I dunno, I over think.

Thanks for reading- it was a bit of a shaggy dog story, I apologise



  1. Aha not boring! i read every word m'dear...and I guess you were just lucky they didn't drive you into a bush, and there are crazier ways to make friends, so, thumbs up from me!
    just be vigilent, and well, enjoy! ♥

  2. Ah I dunno, sure if you survived, you're grand right? I just wouldn't go pushing your luck.
    Though it sounded like a lot of fun, you'd be tempted! :P

  3. I think you're both right, I'll just have to get the balance between fun/risky and safe :) Thanks for your comments x