Sunday, 25 July 2010

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

Thank you Anna and Amber for the awards on your blogs :) I thought I'd combine the two...

Amber's award was called 'Favourite things', the rules if you receive the award are:

-thank the person who gave it to you
-list at least 5 of your favourite things and take a picture of them
-pass it on to 7 followers
-let the people know that you've given them the award by commenting on their blog

So these are my favourite things at the moment, not very interesting I must admit :P
-Tea, of course
-Lollipops :P
-My school leavers hoodie
-Making plans, not really a thing but that's why the calendar's there
-The folder my mum made me get because I lose everything, I actually feel organised for once!
-Writing letters
-My iPod, gotta love a bit of music :)
-The skins 'novel'- weird but brilliant
-Primark shoes, nice and cheap :)
-Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara (waterproof- great as I work in a swimming pool!)

So now for the awards...

JC- Blackbird in a Cuckoo's Nest
Lily- [non-sens]

Nat Elizabeth
Rena- The Moonchild
Becca- White rabbit white rabbit
Bea- she lives in the clouds and talks to the birds
TYWO- The purple fairy


  1. Thank you !!!
    I shall include you in my next post :)
    Mwah ♥

  2. oooh i love it all :D just found your blog thanks to nat elizabeth and its really cute :) definitely following :D xx

  3. The mascaras great!! LOVE SKINS!!! XXX

  4. Thank you my darling. Lots of love.

    Bea. xo

  5. Your list is very interesting.
    Thank you :)


  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH !! ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. You're all very welcome, thanks for your comments :) x

  8. That's a lovely way to pass on awards!