Sunday, 18 July 2010

String Bean Jean

Today I had a clothes clear-out. Now, I dunno if this is just me but when I'm deciding whether or not to keep something I always try it on and see if it fits/I'd wear it round the house etc. Anyway some of the things I tried on actually had me in hysterics, I looked like such a prat in old crap that's too small for me :L

I couldn't resist but take some photos (I've never done an outfit post before but I've just found out to do self timer on my camera so they might start appearing more often) You might not find these remotely funny or interesting but it made me laugh...

A 2006 cross country hoodie that I've worn twice :/ Hang on I take the word 'hoodie''s a jumper and looks like something straight out of a 90's TV show :P

Another running hoodie that's seen better days! And by the way I apologise for looking scratty, I'd put my make up on in about 5mins and left my hair to its own devices...

This was the funniest...I had to wear overalls when I did lambing in March, I just thought I'd try them on for the gags :L I got them from a builders' shop where they took one look at me and said they wouldn't have anything my size, the reason for the bagginess!

This one isn't funny, well I hope not anyway...I've only worn this top once so I was trying to see if I could make it look normal cos it's all frilly and not very me. Just thought I'd show you me looking slightly more normal (but a bit moody) so you don't think I just have a really weird sense of style!

So that was today's interesting event. We had my auntie, uncle and cousins round for the whole weekend so that was my excuse for not posting. It was good to see them, the kids are lovely and we always have a good time playing tig and hide and seek :)

I hope you all had a good weekend, thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx


  1. Loving the 90's reject jumper ;] The frilly top looks nice:D x

  2. I actually love the first jumper. I actually want one!

  3. haha nice faces
    I clear out my closet like every weekend & still have no space for new clothes!I need to try harder lol

  4. seven to eight years old, well that's pretty small... ahh, i love belle & sebastian (:

    i seriously adore the first jumper!

  5. Thank you guys, I can't belive you like that jumper! Good job I kept it, I'll have to start wearing it more often :P

    And yer the faces are a bit random :/ haha x