Saturday, 10 July 2010


A while ago one of my friends put series one of skins on my iPod and now I'm obsessed! I just love their crazy, dramatic lifestyle and how they constantly going to parties and take drugs with no consequence whatsoever...if only! It's also really English which is nice, it makes the characters easier to relate to and makes me want to live in Bristol- that's clearly where the good parties are! But now I've realised why everyone says series four is crap. The first series is funny and original but by the fourth it's just over-done and a bit repetitive. Plus the characters seem to be copies of the originals.

Anyway, back to the first series which I thought was amazing! I think Cassie's my favourite character...she's completely out of it the whole time and is really honest but manages to stay sweet and innocent at the same time. By series 2 she's a bit depressing but still entertaining :)

Cassie is closely followed by Chris... he's really funny, completely careless and pretty much does what he wants. But he's also really sweet, him and Jal make a good couple :P (Oh dear I sound like I'm talking about my friends here...I must remember it's fiction!)

So I hope you enjoyed my little review of skins :) I suppose I am looking forward to series 5, it'll grow on me :) How about you guys, do you watch skins? If so, what's the verdict and who is your favourite character?

Georgina x


  1. i liked tony the best :D

  2. Hurrah for skins ^^
    And in reply to your comment, yeah it's my own photo :3 Sweet blog, i'm following back! <3

  3. Thank you Becca and JC, Tony was pretty cool, but he was a bit weird after the whole bus thing...I suppose you would be :/ x