Monday, 26 April 2010

Union Jack

My art exam is all about ceremonies and whilst doing all my research I found this gorgeous picture.
I am actually in love with the Union Jack, I just love the colours and think it's so much more interesting that the boring England flag. I really want to make some of these things too, especially the bunting. I have a really long summer this year so hopefully I can spend some time making stuff :)

Now I feel realy inspired so here are some more lovely Union Jack pictures:

I love this last one, my favourite poster is the "Keep calm and carry on" one and this just makes it even better :D All these flags make me want to paint one on my bedroom wall...hmm I wonder if I'd be allowed... ahh probably not but I can dream :)

Thanks for reading, Georgina xx


  1. love this post, I'm collecting union jack pillows. love them.

  2. I love the theme <3 x