Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stress, I surrender

This is gonna be a quick one, just to say that stress has taken over, I have my Chemistry GCSE tomorrow and feel like I know nothing + physics on Wednesday and no time to revise, urgh. All this on top of feeling absolutely crappy and not having any more time left in the day.

( If only I had time to sit with my head in my hands...

So sorry if I don't post for the next few days, I really want to do well in science and do not want to resit. I promise you I will have a really good post for you on Wednesday, I'll have to think of something first but I will make it worthwhile to make up for my bad blogging!

Thank you all so much for following and taking your time to read this + good luck to anyone with exams next week!

Georgina xx
I'm off to revise with The Surgery on R1 in the background, I love Aled :)

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  1. hope it all went okaay? :)
    follow back? :)