Sunday, 10 January 2010

Birthday Wishes

Well my birthday is on the 27th of January so I need to start thinking of some ideas. I really need a new phone so that is the top of my list, I went with my dad today and chose the 'tocco lite'. I have no idea about special features or anything so just don't ask, I just know it looked pretty :)

So that being my main present I need to think of some nice little things. (Usually bought by my mum, these things need a woman's touch!)

1.) Fairy lights- I love them! I have some plastic fish ones that I got when I was younger that are a tad tacky but still find a place in my room :) (Sorry I don't know where this picture's from)

2.) This poster- perfect for my red room, but could also be a good motto to follow.(

3.) "Wreck this Journal" Keri Smith- I want this so much. To sum it up it's a journal that tells you exactly what to do, from ripping the pages to covering them in dirt. It's for us perfectionists who need to lighten up! (

4.) Mini Pegs- amazingly random, the other day I made a banner thing for my room and used up all my little flower pegs, I really want some more for future creative moments :) (
Hope you're all well and have had a nice weekend :)

Georgina xx


  1. Ha, that journal sounds fantastic. My birthday's the 28th and I have no clue what I want. Warm weather? Anyway, have a lovely week. :)

  2. Happy Birthday in advantage!
    Thanks for following!I'll follow you too.Your choises are great.And that book seems interesting.Do you know from which publishing house is it?

  3. Yer it is hard to think of ideas, I just think of things I would buy for myself if I had enough money :)

    I think the journal is published by Penguin, I know you can buy it on amazon. It looks like a lot of fun!

    Thanks for your comments, Georgina xx