Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I am here to enlighten you

So so so...I said I would have a good blog for you, but unfortunatly I have not figured out what this consists of quite yet so...I'm thinking firstly a catch up on the past few days, as I previously posted I've had science exams but let's not talk about those, it will only raise my stress levels. I had life-drawing again yesterday, this time it was a woman so was nowhere near as awkward.

I had a pretty good day today, I took in my art book to my teacher (I'm doing my GCSE and AS art this year, long story) and he was really pleased and got all excited about creative ideas and exhibitions and so on... After school I went to the old folk's home, this is for my DofE volunteering so I had to organise all of that. That's about it really, oh, I got asked by my maths teacher "Do you know what twice means?" I say no more.

This post needs interest. 10 Things you do not know about me. (but you do now)

1. I am a vegetarian. (It involves a long story including a stubborn 8 year old and the film Babe, and yes my insides do look like this.)
2. I am addicted to hot drinks. (Tea, hot chocolate, coffee, hot water, you name it, I'll drink it.)

3. I love London. (I take that back, I'm in love with London.)

4. I want to be a vet.
(I know it's amazingly hard but I'm working on it, need more work experience though.)

5. My favourite season is autumn.
(Misty mornings, crunchy orange leaves- too lovely.)

6. I don't want to grow up.
(The future sounds good but I loved not having a care in the world, I spose you don't know what you've got til it's gone.)

7. I need music. (Doesn't everyone?)

8. I love long car journeys. (Stick the iPod in and dream. She's not in a car but she is dreaming!)

9. I like outdoorsy stuff like camping. (Just don't appreciate it until I'm at home, warm and dry.)

10. No one knows I blog except you.
(It's the one secret I manage not to tell.)

Yes, now you are slightly enlightened into the life of me, that's if you did actually read it and not just look at the pretty pictures all from Sorry I should have taken them all myself but that seemed like a bit too much effort!

Thank you for being you and for keeping No.10 a secret :)

Georgina xx


  1. nobody i know knows about my blog either, so much nicer to keep it a secret (:
    & yay for long car journeys!

  2. Haha, it's only hard when my parents come in the room and I have to pretend to just be staring at the google homepage or a blank word document :P x