Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bon anniversaire :)

It's my birthday! Ok...technically it's 12.30 so my birthday was yesterday, but let's not be picky. Ahh I've had such a lovely day, starting with my mum coming into my room at 7am saying "It's your birthday!! Happy Birthday!!" bringing with her a cup of tea in the special birthday mug :)

As I have lovely friends and family I got lots of lovely presents which I won't list all of but I will tell you a few as it's all very exciting!

Phone (Eeek, I love it!)
Easel (I've always wanted one of these)
Make up
Chalks & Charcoals
Mini pegs
Wooden person manikin (you know, like the ikea ones?)
Pjs (a must have)
(+ other little things all together in a big box :D)

Paperchase Mug
Horseshoe Necklace
Elephant bracelet
Topshop socks
and of course...Chocolate :P

Plus I got some stuff from uncles and aunties and a topshop voucher from my brother- he knows what I like :)

So all in all I was very lucky and got loads of nice things, I also had 2 cakes and some cookies so am now clinically obese! I will probably take some photos of my presents...weird thing to do, i know...that's if I have time- I never got round to that geoggers c/w and am going out for a meal avec les amis tomorrow, so yes.

Thanks for reading, I hope you feel some of my birthday joy!
Georgina xxx

P.S I Love You