Monday, 25 January 2010

Busy Bee

Busy busy busy, I had to go to the care home after school for DofE, it was actually ok, the oldies are really sweet if not a bit doddery! I just talked to them while they ate their food, then came home to some lovely maths homework which I still haven't finished, oops! And also geography coursework that's in for friday, oh joy!

Some of the things the oldies say are pretty funny-
"Did you like your food?" "Yes very nice shoes."
"I'm doing Duke of Edinburgh." "I went to school in Edinburgh."
"My name's Georgina." "How long have I been here? Well, a long time..."

So yes, sorry this is a bit rushed, it's 11.10 and there's still so much to do! I can't post tomorrow, have a meeting after school and then life drawing! Huh, I've never been in so much demand :P

At least the weather is brightening up!
Georgina xx


  1. I did my D of E bronze award last year, the walk has got to be the best bit, I had so much fun, the bag weighed sooo much though.

    ahahaha Bye XX

  2. Yer I did bronze last year too, the bag was horrible but it was so fun! Can't wait for the silver one :)

    Gee xx