Saturday, 9 January 2010

A good day with bad elements

So today I got up to do a cross country race in the snow. I do not know why I run, it keeps me fit and it's addictive, but turning up to muddy fields (in this case snowy) in the freezing cold weather just to get hot, sweaty and beaten by everybody, I just don't get it.

But today was different, I really enjoyed it. They cut out the huge hill and stream because of the snow so it was lovely and the alternative route was picture perfect. And to top it all off I didn't come last :D I came second last. Yes, rubbish, but someone has to, no?
So, bad elements, this wasn't just a pun on the chilly weather. Today my brother went back to uni after his christmas holiday. This isn't too big of a deal but it is sad because I really do miss him when he's gone, we get on well and talk a lot so it really is weird when he's not here.

Another devil- revision, I am currently revising for my science modules but it's so boring! I just cuddle up on my bed, turn the radio on and write notes, the only bearable way.

My last complaint- braces. Not the 'cool vintage hold up your trousers' type, the horrible 'you have wonky teeth so we're going to put metal things on them' type. I had mine tightened yesterday so they hurt :(


  1. Ahh I used to love cross country but they stop us doing it in year 10:(
    Plus, I know how you feel about the braces, but there so worth it, and I even miss mine sometimes,

    A X

  2. Aww that's annoying, it is a pretty good sport :) Yer I spose I can't really imagine myself without braces now, it's gonna be weird!

    Georgina x

  3. Thank you for being my 13th follower ^^
    I have braces too,I don't mind them much and my teeth look so much better now.I'm getting them taken off soon,which will be good.

    I used like cross country too,even if it can painful! We dont do it anymore now that I'm in year 10.You must of been cold doing it in the snow.

    You've got a cute blog!

  4. Runnings only good for me if noones watching lol I really want braces but I dont need them...
    Thanks for following I'll follow you in return :)

    Bye XX

  5. Running's great because all you need is a pair of trainers and some shorts, it's not like other sports where you need to buy all the kit before you've even started!

    I am actually starting to like my braces now, now they're part of me I can't imagine not having them.

    Thanks for following, I really appreciate it!

    Gee xx