Saturday, 23 January 2010

Life's Good

Hello there, I am writing this with a little grin because I'm a happy bunny :) I feel like this weekend has lasted about a week already and we still have sunday :D (
After school on friday my dad picked me up and we drove down to Wimbledon to see my auntie, uncle and 3 cousins, my brother was already there (he came from uni). So we got there around 6.30 to find a houseful of kids (all amazingly snobby- my cousins go to some bloody posh private schools.)

The Hoorah-Henry-Oh-Yar mothers came to pick up their rugrats and we were left in peace to have a nice meal. I stayed up to talk to my brother and didn't get to bed until 2pm :/ I was woken up at 7.30 the next day to do a run on Wimbledon common which takes place every Saturday so we thought we'd give it a go.

After running 5k, playing on the wii and teaching my cousin how to email (she sent me a few, all written in yellow and using every single smiley!) me and my dad went to Twickenham. He lived there when he was younger so was showing me his school and house etc. We met up with his cheese-shop-owning friend who was nice, a bit eccentric but that's ok :) Him and my dad are going to have a birthday party together so there was some planning to be done.

We came home and saw my mum (she didn't come with us) and I haven't done anything since, just the way it should be!

Thanks for reading, hope you're having a nice weekend too :)

Georgina xx

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