Sunday, 7 March 2010

Nostalgia- a bittersweet longing

Earlier I was just looking out of the window thinking how nice the garden looked; winter's just about gone and even though it's still chilly, spring is right around the corner. I was thinking about all the amazing times we used to have when me and my brother were little, out in the garden playing. We used to just play in the garden for what seemed like ages. We'd always be out there, making dens, cooking mud pies, playing with the guinea pigs, climbing into the neighbour's garden, just having fun really. My mum would usually be there gardening or reading a book. I just remember it so well, we were just so happy to find things to do, however boring and pointless they were. And it would only come to an end when our mum called us in for tea or it started to get dark. We'd spend the whole summer holidays going on cycle rides and playing with the hose, having water fights and playing hide and seek with our friends.
I know I make it sound all lovely and perfect, like a scene from a child's fairytale or something. I know we didn't always have fun, there were boring times too, we used to argue, fight and cry. But mostly I remember those lovely times of just sitting on the swing listening to the birds (and talking back because I was convinced they were saying my name...) I miss the feeling of the future being the next 10mins, beyond that was all blurry and not to be thought about, just a dream that would never actually come true. Back then there was only 'now'.

So just looking out the window today made me really nostalgic, sitting there with my pile of homework, getting stressed about how much I have to do, and I just remembered that feeling of freedom, when the most disappointing time of day was when you had to come out of the den you'd just made, take off your twig hat and go inside.

Thanks for reading xx


  1. So sweet. There are always fights, but the lovely times are just too lovely for one to remember the fights.
    I love this post, and your beautiful blog.

  2. It's true, the good things always out-weigh the bad. Thank you, I love your blog too :) x