Thursday, 25 March 2010

Some actual people

Oh my fucking god I actually hate you. You forgot to pick me up from school, so i was standing in the rain waiting for you for 25 minutes. I try to make a bloody effort but I'm being 'rude' just because you feel bad so take it out on me. By the way i did have my jab today, i was really nervous, it was horrible and my arm does ache. My day was shit if you wanted to know. No I don't owe you a fucking apology, I shouted at you because you were rude to me. What do you actually expect? You were the one who pissed me off in the first place. And tomorrow I am spending my whole day at school even though everyone else gets the day off, just because my A* was one mark below my target. I wasn't going to go but you 'suggested' i did. So don't be a spiteful bitch and not 'do me any favours' I have looked forward to this party for weeks and your not going to fuck it all up. I actually hate you, you are turning into a miserable old woman who doesn't think about anything. Just fuck off to bed, nice and early so I don't have to speak to you.


  1. I know just the feeling!!
    Hope things turn around soon,
    something along the lines of that happens between me her like every other day:/

  2. I hate it, it puts you in such a bad mood! It's a bit better now thanks :) x