Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A helping hand?

I'm a bit stressed. I am currently doing my AS level art exam, the title is "Rhythms and Cycles" and at first I felt completly uninspired, I did my ideas page and still just had a huge mental block, not helped by my crazy art teacher who tends to go on and on and just make me stressed and confused.

So anyway, I've finally come up with a hazy idea which I either love or hate- I can't tell. Basically I'm going to focus on the rhythms of life- emotions, thoughts and general outlook. I've been told to keep a diary for a week and write down every idea and emotion I have alongside photos/tickets etc. The focus of my project will be about now- how I see things and the things I feel, as well as my day-to-day life. I want to link these to my past to see how things change and how I've changed as a person.
This is where you lovely followers and fellow bloggers come in :) I thought of using symbolism in my final piece, three objects to represent my past, present and future. But I would also like other people's input to show different views. If you could tell me which objects best represent your past, present and future, it would be fantastic and would really help me with my project. They can be any objects, even animals, foods or plants. I won't use any of your personal details just the info you give me.

For example my mum said...
Past- wheelbarrow (she has worked hard but needed support)
Present- folder (she feels overloaded with work and general stress)
Future- she hopes would be roses (sweet and beautiful?)

Sorry if I've explained this really badly, it's difficult to tell you all the ideas without making the post too long. If you could help me it would be great, feel free to ask questions if it's confusing. Thank you :)



  1. wowww! that is such an amazing idea!
    that sounds totally different to my exam title.
    my past item would be a tortoise, not really knowing where i was going in life, being a bit slow & scared & hiding in my shell.
    my present item would be a box of crayons - colour, lots of potential & a teeensy bit childish.
    my future item would be some fairy lights, because i hope to be happy, bright & a little bit chaotic (:
    i hope this helps, your idea sounds absolutely lovely!
    (& apologies for writing a full on essay)

  2. Thanks so much, these are so sweet! I know they're hard to think of, I'm still not sure what mine would be but I'll keep thinking :) It will be interesting to see what different people say, these have really made me smile :D x