Saturday, 13 March 2010


I hate maths.
I like frozen chips.
I'm always up too late.
I get jealous far too easily.
I strongly believe in evolution.
My favourite meal is left-overs.
I'm supposed to do all the washing.
My handwriting changes all the time.
I see letters, days and numbers in colours.
I borrow my best friend's iPod every tuesday.
I often feel like crying even though I'm happy.
I wear a bit of make-up even if I'm not going out.
As a child I used to give up my duvet for my teddies.
I hate it that we can't tell the future even just a little bit.
When I'm on my own I show off as if someone's watching me.
I can still recognise the smell of my reception teacher's perfume.
My dreams are always in normal situations but surreal things happen.
Every night I go to bed warm but as soon as the light goes off I'm freezing.