Monday, 29 March 2010

Geeks and Jocks

Ahhh Easter at last, I can finally relax, lie-in and not stress about school etc. Yes I will be revising but that will have to fit around my schedule of laziness :)

Anyway let me tell you about Friday's awesome party. A girl in my year lives in the middle of nowhere, has no neighbours, a massive garden and a laid-back mum... So on friday, kind of to celebrate the end of term she had a 'Geeks and Jocks' party, about 130 people were invited, mostly from my year. The theme was basically an excuse for all the girls to dress like slags...I failed at this and was told "Georgina you look like a librarian, here are some hotpants they'll make you look like more of a slag." Haha, this isn't very me but I just thought, what the hell, no one will remember anything anyway (apart from the fact that there are about 6 albums on facebook all from this one party!)
Anyway, we went to my friend's house to get ready and had to set up the tent when we got to the party- this was so we could get drunk and our parents wouldn't have a clue :) Haha this wasn't easy seeing as it was already dark and no one was helping, grrr.

It was an awesome party, I spent most of the night taking to people, danced a bit and I dunno hung round I spose...haha I make it sound so crap! I kind of got off with a guy in my year that I've never spoken to before but y'know...he seemed nice! I think quite a lot went on...a bit of crying and throwing up from other people, but also fun, dancing and talking to a load of random people! In the end I slept in a tent with 2 of my friends taking up all the space and me left squished next to 2 other people getting off all night which was far from pleasant :/

In the morning we all felt like crap and had to walk about a mile home which was horrible as we had to carry all our stuff- tents, bags, sleeping bags etc. Now we can sit at home and hear all the gossip and rumours that always come hand in hand with an eventful night :) I would put some photos on but most have other people in and I don't want to put them up without permission, sorry!

Thanks for reading, Georgina x