Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pizza from scratch

Urgh, a down day. Parents are so annoying.

I have to say I have not been that angry in a long time, I took advantage of this and did an 'expressive' picture for my art project (7 deadly sins- 'wrath'). It ended up as a screwed up piece of paper with red scribbles. Plus I got paint on my carpet and broke one of my chalks :(

Apparently my art isn't emotional enough, this is because I'm a perfectionist so can't be messy and creative. I have to have smooth lines and perfect proportions. That's why I get stressed when it all goes wrong.

He said "Think of the last time you were jealous and get a pen and draw lines. Don't look, just draw what you're feeling." Thanks sir, no, really.

But I suppose, when I'm really angry I just want to get a canvas and smear a load of paint crap all over it, get it everywhere, piss some people off. Sounds good.

Another fricking annoying thing is that I cry when I'm angry, so it comes out as sadness which is not what I'm trying to get across. Urgh. People should really get this by now. They have known me my whole life for fuck's sake.

Hope I didnt bring you down, it's not fun here.



  1. ahh i am such a perfectionist when it comes to art too!
    & it's a shame for the angryness :(

  2. Thank you, I've just about cheered up now :) x

  3. True enough,parents are annoying. Sometimes anger can't be control. I know mine,can't sometimes.

  4. At least I'm not the only one :) x