Thursday, 18 February 2010


Yesteday I went to London with my mum, not for any reason really, just cos it's fun :) She wanted to get my dad a wallet for his birthday from this posh shop on Bond Street (it's his 50th), it was so funny, we walked in and there were about 5 sales people waiting to serve us so she put on this really posh voice and acted like she new exactly what she wanted. I had a look round the shop and there was a box that cost £6,600! It was leather but seriously!?

Then we went to Oxford street, of course, but didn't get to go into the big topshop, grrr. We met up with my brother and his girlfriend, we haven't met her properly before so that was cool. We had lunch then went to the tate modern which I have to say has a lot of crap displayed! There was one piece which was just a mirror stuck on a canvas, if only that was good enough for my As exam! But we did see some amazing ones- Warhol, Dali, Picasso, Modigliani etc.

So yer it was a good day, bit of shopping, lots of eating and it was nice to see my brother and the gf :)

Hope you guys are having a good week/ half term :)

Georgina xx


  1. awesome
    I really love Dali (:

  2. They're so amazing when you see them for real :) x