Saturday, 27 February 2010

5 Inspirational Ladies

A while ago I did a post on my favourite bands and when I'd finished I realised they were all male groups so I thought I would give some credit to the girls and show you my favourite female artists. They're not bands but that's just conincidence...
(Again, I've put next to each one 3 of my favourite songs)

Lily Allen- Him, The Fear, Fuck You

Miss Li- Bourgeois Shangri-La, Oh Boy, I thought I knew you

Ladyhawke- My Delirium, Paris is Burning, Dusk til Dawn

Florence + the Machine- Howl, Dog Days, Kiss with a Fist

Regina Spektor- Us, Hero, Samson
Thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx


  1. Regina Spektor is the love of my life. I like all her songs!
    Lily Allen is also awesome, but I only like a few!

    You've got good taste! :)

  2. Thank you :) I found Regina Spektor on the 500 days of summer sound track- it's amazing! x