Sunday, 7 February 2010

I forgot to tell you about my highly embarrassing lunchtime. Oh god.

My story:
I went to the art rooms at friday lunchtime. I was the only one there so one of the teachers asked me if I minded if she locked the door because they were having a meeting.

So Cat, came to the door and mouthed to me that she wanted to come in but all the doors were locked, so I explained to her that I couldn't come out, so I was stuck there. I carried on with my work when the depty head came in asking me if I was Ok (I was very confused as he never talks to anyone). I then walked to the canteen where everyone started clapping and cheering for me....Oh dear!

So this is what happened:
Cat cannot lip read. She thought I had said "I'm trapped!" through the door so went and told all my friends I was locked in. So a huge group of people got up to see me locked in there, mean I know.

Anyway, on the way they saw the depty head who asked them where they were going, they told him, so he came and unlocked the door for me. Meanwhile, the head of year saw all the people walking in a big group and thought there was a fight so was shouting at everyone telling them they should never run to watch a fight... :/

So they all decided to cheer for me when I walked in as I had caused such a huge thing, oops :/

I know this was a bit hard to follow, I tried to make it simple.


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