Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fill My Ears

Here are 5 bands that I have been obsessingly listening to recently, I go throught fazes of only listening to certain bands until I've heard their songs so much I'm sick of them and move on...
(I've put next to each one 3 of my favourite songs)

The Maccabees- Toothpaste Kisses, X-ray, Love You Better

The Libertines- Don't look back into the sun, What Katie Did, Campaign of Hate
Bombay Bicycle Club- Magnet, Always like this, The Hill

Mumford and Sons- The Cave, Little Lion Man, Winter Winds
The Kooks- See the World, Seaside, Sway
I'm sure you all love them too :) Listen and enjoy.

Oh and happy pancake day!

Georgina xx


  1. I've just realsied they're all men, this wasn't on purpose! x

  2. every song/band you just mentioned I lovvveee! You have like amazing music taste, Bombay bicylce club FTW! also, I'm going to marry pete doherty... well I can wish haha.
    Bye XX

  3. i absolutely adorrrre those bands!
    no prizes for guessing that the last one inspired my blog name (:

  4. Oooo got a question, where the hell have the kooks gone, they were here one minute then the next they are just a mere memory... I miss them :(

  5. Glad you like them too, well who wouldn't! As for the Kooks, I just looked it up and it says they're recording an album that will come out in the summer, yay :) x

  6. ooooo great! It will be epic haha :L

  7. I'm MAD for the maccabees. good choice.