Monday, 8 February 2010

8 things

Thank you very much Charlotte (thoughts from another kook) for tagging me in this. I just got home and decided I would spend some time doing it. It's hard work, but still fun :) So yeah...hope you like it :)

eight TV shows i watch.
1. Skins
2. Malcom in the middle
3. Glee
4. Friends
5. Misfits
6. Mock the week.
7. Scrubs
8. Wife swap :/
eight places i like to eat.
1. Zizzis
2. At home- my mum's a good cook
3. EAT
4. School canteen?
5. My grandma's house
6. Sunam (Indian restaurant)
7. In the park- picnic :D
8. In front of the telly
eight things i look forward to.
1. Work experience- lambing in march :D
2. Our very long summer
3. Maybe going on holiday with my mum
4. Spending more time with my good friends
5. Sixth form
6. University
7. Hopefully being a vet
8. Having kids
eight things i did yesterday.
1. Saw my grandparents
2. Woke up too late
3. Ate lots of food
4. Had a nice car journey with the iPod :)
5. Had time to think
6. Cried over maths homework :/
7. Missed the surgery on Radio 1
8. Stayed up too late
eight things i love about winter.
1. Christmas of course
2. Wearing my duffle coat and mittens ;)
3. Seeing all my cousins
4. Wrapping presents
5. Late night shopping
6. The last week of term- always so much fun!
7. Putting loads of layers on
8. Snuggling up in a warm bed when it's cold outside
eight things on my wishlist.
1. Time
2. Get into vet uni
3. Travel
4. More clothes
5. To stop worrying/ stressing
6. Good GCSE results
7. Lots of work experience
8. For people to appreciate me a bit more
eight things i am passionate about.
1. Art
2. Animals
3. Music
4. My opinions
5. Evolution- I'm a geek 8)
6. My goals
7. Photography
8. Science
eight words or phrases i use too often.
1. Alright
2. Jeez
3. Wicked
4. Sorry
5. Oh for God's sake
6. Sounds good to me
7. Shut up
8. NO
eight things i learned from the past.
1. Don't cut your hair really short
2. Appreciate time
3. Do what you want not what they want
4. Don't waste time on friends who don't treat you well
5. Don't follow trends
6. Stick to your opinions
7. Follow your dreams
8. This is your life and the world is your oyster
eight places i would love to go, visit, or see.
1. New York
2. Ireland
3. Japan
4. Italy
5. India
6. Paris (again)
7. Camden
8. South America (Brazil?)
eight things i currently want or need.
1. A black skirt
2. A big woolly jumper
3. More pants
4. Work experience
5. Time
6. A job
7. New shoes, I don't care what type
8. Tickets to a gig

There you go, hope you like it, if you're tagged then you can copy and paste and do it yourself :) The only annoying thing is that I can't get rid of these italics!

Georgina x


  1. Thank you for tagging me in it :D you awesome (Y)

    Bye XX

  2. thanks for doing this (:
    i love the things you've learned from the past!

  3. OMG!It's my first time being tagged!Thank you so much!I'll post it soon!