Sunday, 14 February 2010

Parents go away for one night...

Blergh I feel ill. We went to a party and I drank a bit too much. I don't really remember much except locking some people outside, dancing badly, playing twister and crying for an hour on the bathroom floor. In the end we were kicked out and I threw up in their neighbour's front garden :/

I had 5 people staying at my house so we had a nice 2 mile drunk walk home and then all talked and ate random food until 5am. They were all gone by about 12 today so I was left to clear up, it took me 2hours, no kidding they are so messy!

So then I watched TV and fell asleep for 3hours which wasn't good cos now I just feel ill. The rents are back in about half an hour. Oh I feel like a fool. At one point last night I had a dictionary and was reading out random words. Cringe.

The worst thing is the strange hangover cravings, I've eaten a whole pizza, a pack of maltesers, beans on toast, crisps, a few grapes and lots of orange juice.

So yer, an interesting start to half term. Oh well it could have been worse, at least my parents weren't here :)


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